Assisted Living Software Functions on tablet

Top 4 Functions of Assisted Living Care Management Software for RCFE Owners

Assisted Living Care Management Software includes a number of functions and features to manage the day to day care needs of elderly population living in a group settings such as homes or facilities of various sizes. Planning, recording and tracking of activities of daily living, social and physical activities, appointments, meals, and medication management are key functions of modern cloud based assisted living software such as Carevium.

Residential Care Facilities for Elderly (RCFE)

Assisted Living Software Functions on tabletResidential Care Facilities for Elderly (RCFEs) are licensed Assisted Living facilities in California. In other states, these are called by other names such as residential care homes, board and care homes, group homes, adult family homes, assisted living homes or simply senior homes. There are over 7000 RCFEs in California alone and over 80% of these are residential homes and facilities with 6 to 20 residents capacity.

While RCFE owners and operators can benefit from all the functions of assisted living operating software, many may not have the time and urgency to implement all of these in one go. In fact, many small RCFE owners do not need all features. They may also be overwhelmed with the number of functions available and bringing their caregivers up-to-speed takes time.

Top 4 Functions of Assisted Living Care Management Software

Hence, based on our implementation experience with a number of customers, we have come up with a short list of top 4 key functions of assisted living or RCFE software that can reduce the owners’ and caregivers’ paperwork significantly.

(1) Resident roster and records maintenance

(2) Progress notes recording

(3) Vital signs recording

(4) MedChart (eMAR) maintenance

Resident Records Maintenance

Recording resident related information such as face sheet, contacts, medications, allergies, advance directives, DNR status, care fees / billing items takes a bit of time when a resident is moved in. However, once it is available on the system it helps the caregiver immensely as she need not look up the folders, binders or forms.

Progress Notes Recording

Caregivers record and maintain progress notes on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – as deemed necessary. Once recorded online, it is a breeze to look up the history for any resident.

Vital Signs Recording

Vital signs recording is another key, but easy to use function in the resident management. Instead of writing down on paper forms, vital signs can be directly entered into a point-of-care tablet.

Medication Management

Medication management includes recording and maintaining medications orders and updates, medication schedule per prescription from the physician and medication dispensing information recording. Elder care management software such as Carevium supports tablet based medication entry and recording. It can be achieved with a few taps or clicks.

If you want to learn more about implementation of Carevium assisted living management software in your RCFE or senior living community, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will take a look at the current scenario in your facility and suggest a right approach suitable for your organization.


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