Carevium Implementation Process

Carevium Resident Care Management application (ALF Software) implementation is easy and straight forward for smaller facilities and residential care homes. However, larger communities and multi-location companies need to plan well in advance to avoid any difficulties and to ensure high staff / user engagement.

If your staff members are enthusiastic about the application in their day to day use, the implementation job is considered well done!

Carevium Elder Care Software Implementation Considerations

Here is a list of questions to be answered upfront. You may use a spreadsheet to collect the information.

  •  Is this single location implementation? If multiple locations are involved, collect information about each location.
  • Do you have existing software in the facility to take care of one or more functions within a facility? If yes, list out individually.
  • Are you planning to continue to use one or more existing software?
  • If you are not using some sort of legacy or home-made software, do you have the list of the residents (with details) in a spreadsheet?
  • Do you want to scan and upload the old documents (for the current residents) into the Resident Care Management Application?
  • Do you want to implement the new system in its entirety or skip parts of it and use selective modules?
  • Are you a management organization supporting a portfolio of senior living communities?

Initial Setup Requirements

Once you decide to start using Carevium, you should gather the following information to setup the account and configure your specific requirements.

  • Unit types and list
  • Residents list
  • Assessment forms and applications currently in use (few with data)
  • Face sheets
  • Medications list (MAR sheets)
  • ADL schedules
  • Care plans
  • Staff list with their roles, schedules
  • Billing information

If you don’t have this information in some sort of electronic format (Word documents, Excel sheets, PDFs, etc.) you may scan and email these documents to Carevium implementation team.

Our team will closely work with you and your key staff during the configuration. Remember, the goal is to get started quickly and not drag the setup process for weeks and months! Your staff is likely already busy with their current day-to-day work; so you do not want to stretch the implementation and increase their workload during the implementation.