Diabetes Care Management

Carevium Diabetes Care Management app helps seniors, adults and family members to manage Type 2 diabetes. Physician and health care professionals can access the care information of their respective patients in real time using the provider portal and mobile app. Diabetes is a common disease, yet every individual needs unique care, per American Diabetes Association (ADA).

Carevium Diabetes Care managementUsing your own mobile device such as iPhone, Android phone or any tablet, or personal computer, Carevium care management application provides you with educational content and motivational support on all aspects of your care management plan,  including medications, blood sugar readings, diet, and physical exercise.

Diabetes Care Management Templates

Care templates can be setup in Carevium care activities such as vital sign readings, BG readings, insulin intake, etc. based on your health care professional’s care plan.

Medication Adherence and Management

Carevium includes a comprehensive medication management section that helps scheduling of medications, alerts and reminders, medication inventory maintenance, medication reminders, refill / reorder reminders, etc. Medication adherence can reduce hospital visits and hospitalization. For seniors and elderly adults, medication adherence will reduce hospital re-admissions.

Alerts and Reminder Notifications

Carevium includes a comprehensive alerts and reminder notification module to alert you for various activities based on your preferences. Alerts and notifications can be sent via Email Messages, SMS text messages, or Push Notifications. Even optional phone alerts can be setup.

Family Member Portal and App

Carevium web application and app can also be accessed by the patient’s family members, if necessary. Family members can setup their own alert preferences as necessary.

Integration of Monitoring Devices

Carevium also connects with measurement and monitoring devices to take the blood glucose and vital signs readings directly into the app.

Provider Portal and App

Carevium apps allows your healthcare provider to see your care information, helping them make the best clinical decisions.  The system will also provide suggestions to your healthcare provider based on established clinical guidelines.

Educational and Care Management Application

Carevium is an Educational and Care Management Application. Please note that Carevium Care Management application is not intended to replace the care provided by a licensed healthcare professional, including prescriptions, diagnosis, or treatment.

Diabetes Care

It is estimated that 10 to 12 million patients in US have diabetes. By 2020, the population with 2 or more chronic conditions is expected to cross 80 million people in US. As diabetes being one of the top three chronic diseases, Carevium care management tool can serve a significant population in their their quest for self care management.