Carevium Senior Living Lead Management Funnel

Referrals Tracking and Lead Management Software for Adult Day Care Centers

Referrals tracking and management is a critical component of business operations for adult day care service centers. Keeping tracking of prospects and leads using pen and paper or Excel spreadsheets is highly error prone and complex.

Using Carevium Referrals Tracking and Lead Management software module, which is part of comprehensive Carevium adult day care service center management platform, makes the life of the adult day program directors and marketing coordinators easy. You won’t miss any referrals coming your way by leveraging the easy to use marketing and lead tracking software (also known as CRM software).

Carevium Referral Tracking and Marketing Management

Whether you have one location with a dozen seniors attending your program and multiple locations with hundreds of adults participating, you can manage the prospective referrals in one centralized database. Since the Carevium software is cloud based, it can be accessed from anywhere via the internet and provides up-to-the-minute reports on leads, referrals, lead sources, referrers, sales stages, etc.

Lead Tracking and Management

Referrals and leads received from various sources can be tracked in Carevium lead tracking module. Detailed information captured (such as conditions, care needs, payment options, contacts, etc.) can be maintained in the lead profile. Lead follow-up activities can be scheduled in a calendar and followed promptly. Follow-up notes also can be captured for further use. Various sales stages (ex. New referral, Qualified lead, In progress, Contract signed, Invalid lead, Lost lead, etc.), can be assigned to each lead and tracked on an ongoing basis until close.

In addition to the prospect information, referral sources can be assigned to leads so that the conversion can be tracked easily and performing referral sources can be identified to fine tune the marketing / sales strategies.

Referral Sources

Adult Day Care Service centers will get leads and prospective seniors from various sources. The leads could come from your own website (if visible on the search engines), telephone calls, specific referral sources, or even walk-ins.

Specific referral sources include:

  • Hospital discharge planners, case managers, social workers
  • Existing clients / families / friends
  • Skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities
  • Area agencies on Aging
  • Churches, other non-profit / community organizations
  • Community social service agencies (Mental / behavioral health, Medicaid, Adult protective services, etc.)
  • Local businesses and employers
  • Other adult day care service centers

Marketing Contacts and Activities Tracking

Carevium helps adult day care service centers to log, followup and keep track of all marketing / community outreach activities. All marketing contacts can be updated and maintained in the system. Marketing activities such as seminars, on site visits, presentations, marketing calls, and other outreach activities can be scheduled and updated in the marketing module.

Alerts and Notifications

System can send alerts / notifications for lead follow-up and marketing follow-up activities based on the schedule. Alert bubbles for past due activities and currently pending activities will be displayed when application users such marketing and sales coordinators and program directors log into the marketing system.

Referral and Marketing Reports

Carevium lead management and referrals tracking marketing system includes comprehensive, easy to understand, real-time reports with graphical representations.

Key lead management reports in Carevium include:

  • Leads by Source Group
  • Leads by Referral Sources
  • Leads by Sales Stage
  • Leads by Facility / Location
  • Lead Conversion Analysis

Carevium Referral Tracking and Lead Management software can be used as a standalone module or as part of the full care management module.

About Carevium Software

Carevium is a comprehensive, cloud based Adult Day Care Service Software. The features include lead tracking and marketing (CRM), client intake, client assessment, care plan and care charting, attendance and check-in / check-out, caregiver clock-in / clock-out, automated billing, credit card / bank ACH / eCheck processing, collections and account receivable management, census and other reporting. Carevium is easy to use and works with any device, including PC, Mac, iPad and Android tablets.

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