QuickBooks Integration

Carevium senior living and home care software includes in-built QuickBooks Integration.

QuickBooks Online is a leading accounting a software system used by small and medium sized businesses. Most elder facilities and home care agencies use QuickBooks software in US. QuickBooks Online is a cloud based (aka web based) software. Older desktop software versions of QuickBooks are not supported by Carevium. Also, note that QuickBooks integration is an optional feature and hence should be setup as an add-on feature.

Accounting transactions such as invoices, credit memos, debit memos, payment receipts, and customer refunds can be posted to QuickBooks Online system.

Most customers of Carevium uses the Carevium system to fully manage the Billing and Account Receivables. In such cases, all accounting transactions are synched with QuickBooks. However, some customers may opt to do the billing only; in such scenarios, only billing data will be synched with QuickBooks.

Custom Integration

Carevium can provide custom integration service for customers using accounting software systems other than QuickBooks. Please contact your account representative for specific information.