Carevium includes a comprehensive eMAR – Electronic Medication Administration Records module.

Medication Orders

Medication orders can be entered manually or received from LTC pharmacies directly (optional). All medications are already loaded into the system database. Hence entering a medication is simple. Manual Order entry involves choosing a Medication from the list, assigning a pharmacy and prescribing physician, entering dosage and frequency information. Additional note can also be added for each dosage or at medication level.

If a LTC Pharmacy interface is used, then the medication orders received from the pharmacy will be listed in ‘Draft’ status. A nurse or medication technician can review before enabling the draft orders.

Medication Schedule / Med Chart

Based on the medication administration frequency specified in the med order, the eMAR scheduler will schedule the medication for each resident. The process of marking the medications as administered / assisted is known as Med Chart in Carevium software.

Med Chart can be accessed by med technicians or nurses under each resident record or from the home page of the application.

Past medications can be viewed easily when necessary.


Medications scheduled and administered can be viewed and printed in a daily grid format. The eMAR can be printed for a week / two weeks or a month.

Medication Reminders

Med Chart shows past due medications by red highlighted bubbles. Reminders / alerts can also be scheduled by the staff.