Bank Deposits

If you are still receiving rent / lease / care payments via paper checks from your customers, Bank Deposits can be streamlined with Carevium financials module.

Bank Deposits

After entering the payment checks received from customers (residents / clients / participants) are entered into the Carevium system, the checks can be batched together. A bank deposit form can also printed from the system. The form will list the check numbers, payment amount and customer name along with the bank name, number and total deposit amount.

ACH / Debit Card / Credit Card Payments

Nowadays most customers prefer to make direct payments rather than mailing checks. So we recommend switching over to ACH payments (for independent living communities, assisted living facilities, and memory care communities) or Debit / Credit card payments (Home care agencies, Adult day care, etc.). Processing payments via debit / credit cards or bank accounts (ACH) helps reduce the manual payment entry work.

However the switch over might take time. In the interim, business office managers can take advantage of the Bank Deposit feature of Carevium.

QuickBooks Integration

Once the manual payments are entered into the system and batched together for deposit, the data can be sent to QuickBooks Online Accounting system automatically by the Carevium application. This process also simplifies the matching of money received from the bank and deposits made.