Admission Process

Carevium includes comprehensive admission process for senior living communities and home care service providers.

The admission is known as “Move-in Process” for senior living communities and “In-take Process” for home care providers and adult day care centers. The admission process can happen over a period of time depending on the situation. Once the member moves into the facility or enrolls to a service firm, the admission data will get moved to the resident / client tabs.

If the member (resident / client / participant) information is already available in the Carevium CRM Referral Tracking module, the most of that data can be brought in automatically during the admission process.

During the admission or enrollment process, following are the steps involved. Based on the individual business, these steps might vary.

  • Basic information (Name, identity, demographics, etc.)
  • Preferred Unit information (For residential facilities only)
  • Contact Info (Including Emergency contact, Primary contact / Guradian, Legal representative, Family members, Physician, etc.)
  • Assessments (Templates will vary based on the care / service provided)
  • Service Plan (Fee items and service contract information)
  • Payor Information (Financially responsible party)
  • Pharmacy (For medications)
  • Admission Completion

All this information can be updated after the admission / enrollment / in-take process is completed. However certain data may have to be input before the process completion.