ADL Care Tracking

ADL Care Tracking is one of the most widely used feature in Carevium. ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) can be scheduled and tracked along with care notes by caregivers. Caregivers, CNAs, LPNs, Care aides in assisted living communities, memory care communities and adult day care centers use ADL Care Tracking and Charting feature.

Multiple ADL Care Tracking templates can be setup in Carevium. One of the care chart templates can be picked and custom scheduled for each resident / program participant.

Care activity groups and care activities are pre-populated in the system. These can be custom configured for each location.

Care Schedule can be set at specific times or shifts (ex. AM shift, PM shift) or pre-defined periods (ex. Morning, Evening, Night). Once the schedule is set, the system will repeat the schedule until changed.

In addition to the care activity performance (yes or no), observations can be added for each care activity item. For example, Sleep, Fluid Intake, Food Intake, etc. can be marked with specific observations.