Quickbooks Carevium Assisted Billing Integration

How to Import Carevium Assisted Living Billing Data into QuickBooks and Avoid Manual Invoice Entry?

Carevium Assisted Living software helps process rent and resident services billing in a near-automatic fashion. Once the billing process is completed, the invoice data can be downloaded in QuickBooks compatible format and imported into Intuit QuickBooks accounting application in a few minutes.

QuickBooks Accounting Software

Quickbooks Carevium Assisted Billing IntegrationQuickBooks is the most popular accounting software used by small and medium sized businesses, including assisted living facilities, memory care communities, residential care homes and homecare professionals.

While some of the legacy assisted living applications include accounting functions, elder care organizations prefer to use QuickBooks for bookkeeping and accounting functions as these are highly specialized and comprehensive.

Carevium assisted living software makes it easy to import billing data and use it in QuickBooks without reentering invoices.

Carevium Assisted Living Billing

Carevium software includes a comprehensive assisted living facility billing module closely tied into the resident care management and staff schedule management functions of the application.

Generating invoices using Carevium is a simple process for the billing staff in the assisted living facilities and care homes. Each fee item including lease / rent, service fee, and other fees can be assigned to the respective accounting item in QuickBooks.

Quickbooks Online Carevium cloud based integration

Once the billing details are reviewed for any updates and the invoices are generated, the invoicing data can be easily exported from Carevium and uploaded / imported into the QuickBooks software.

Cloud based Quickbooks Integration

Carevium team is working on direct integration with cloud based QuickBooks connector, if you are using the same. In this method, invoicing data will be directly sent from Carevium cloud to the Quickbooks cloud. There is no need for manual downloading and import of data.

Look forward to the announcement in this space about the cloud based QuickBooks – Carevium feature in the near feature.

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