Carevium Resident Hospice Indicator

Hospice Indicator Added To The Resident List and Header Section in Carevium

A Hospice indicator has been added to the Resident List display and Resident header information display in Carevium assisted living software. This new indicator display helps the caregivers and administrative staff to identify the residents who are on Hospice Care with support from hospice nurse and physician.

It is very common to have residents living in assisted living facilities and residential care homes on Hospice Care. The addition of the Hospice indicator on resident related screens immediately brings attention to that fact when caregivers provide support and assistance.

Carevium Resident Hospice Indicator

The above screenshot sample shows the display of Hospice highlighted in yellow against the resident under hospice care.

Hospice indicator is enabled by choosing the “Hospice” flag in the resident profile.

Other indicators displayed in the resident list and resident header information section include Past Due Medications (in red M), Past Due Care Activities (in red C), resident on Alert Chart (in red Alert), and resident temporarily out of the facility (in gray OUT).

Cloud based Carevium software assisted living and home care gets updated on a regular basis to empower the caregivers and administrative staff and enable compassionate care. This feature is one of the new additions.

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