Vitals Monitoring

Carevium home care management software platform integrates with several weight and vitals (blood pressure, pulse, blood glucose, Oxygen Saturation level, weight) measurement systems such as Withings and iHealth for Vitals Monitoring.

Weight and vitals can be logged by the caregivers manually or captured directly from the blue tooth enabled devices such as smart scales, glucose monitors, pulse oximeters, and blood pressure monitors.

Withings Vitals Monitoring Devices

Easy to Use

Carevium Care Management application is very easy to use and hence can be deployed in tens or hundreds of home care agency locations in short span of time.

Weight, vitals, care activities, etc. can be recorded and updated by seniors, professional home care providers, and family caregivers.


Carevium helps non-medical, private duty caregivers support home health agencies with care monitoring, vitals recording and care coordination.

Carevium homecare software can be leveraged by non-medical care providers as well as home health providers as a Connected Home Care platform.

Caregivers can support more clients by providing remote care support such as medication reminders, care activity reminders, vitals tracking, personal emergency monitoring, etc. in addition to in-home care services.

Seniors with chronic condition management requirements can be serviced by caregivers using Carevium. Chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failure, and COPD management can be assisted by caregivers employed by homecare agencies to support home health nurses.