Home Care Franchise Management

Carevium home care management software platform for Homecare Franchise Systems and Franchisees provides comprehensive features to management and operations at home office, regional offices, master franchises, and franchisee locations.

Easy to Use

Cloud based Carevium system is very easy to use and hence can be deployed in tens or hundreds of franchisee locations in short span of time.

Online and onsite (regional / train-the-trainer) training supports franchisors and franchisees to adopt the system within a few days.


Carevium helps franchisors and franchisees to manage their homecare operations efficiently, cut operational costs, reduce waste in terms of manual documentation, increase profitability, and improve client satisfaction.

Custom Configuration

Franchise management related functions, such as royalty computation and billing rules can be custom configured in the system for individual franchise systems based on their specific requirements.

Franchise Reporting

Carevium system includes comprehensive corporate and office location level reporting. Corporate reports aggregate and summarize franchisee level data for management and operations.


Carevium homecare software implementation for franchisors and franchisees is quick and easy. Our support team provides data conversion and uploading assistance, so that the user engagement will be very high from the very beginning. For example, once the billing items / rules, office staff, caregivers and clients data is uploaded into the system, users can start using the system from day one without much learning curve.