Software for Private Duty Home Care

Plan, Track and Manage Home Care Delivery. Reduce Paperwork. Avoid Errors. Increase Billing. Empower caregivers. Improve Client & Family satisfaction. Cut Costs.

Carevium Home Care Agencies Management, Billing and Scheduling Software is a web based Home Care Management application for use by home care agencies providing private duty, non-medical home care and companion services. Carevium is designed for use with mobile tablets by the administrative staff as well as caregivers.

Carevium Assisted Living Software for Senior Living communitiesPrivate duty home care agencies can use Carevium home care agency management app to plan, track and manage their care planning, caregiver scheduling, service tracking and care delivery operations.

Starting from referral leads tracking (CRM) and pre-admission to assessments, eMAR – medication assistance records, scheduling, clock-in / clock-out (EVV), and billing, the entire range of care giving activities can be managed with minimal manual efforts.

Care scheduling, care delivery tracking, alerts and reminders, census reporting, billing, payroll summaries, and management reporting are some of the key tasks that can be easily automated using the mobile tablet based home care application.

Family members and clients can also access the client care information and get alerts and notifications using the smart tablet based AccessAnytime app on a 24×7 basis. When family members and caregivers are satisfied and happy with the care provided, home care agencies are bound to increase client census and retain clients from moving out to other home care service providers.

Learn more about the benefits of using Carevium Home Care Agency Management, Scheduling and Billing Software in your in-home care service organization.

Key Features of Carevium Home Care Agency Application

Here is the summary of key features of Carevium Home Care software. Click on the images to learn more about the respective feature.

Homecare Client AssessmentsClient Assessment

Assess Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) using Carevium client assessment and evaluation module. Use it for in-take assessment, and periodic reviews to set the care requirements accordingly.

ADL assessments can be used to plan and generate Staff Schedule.

Home Care PlanClient Care Plans

Clients’ care plans and fee schedules can be maintained and updated easily. Care Levels based on care assessments are tied to the service plans.

Billing module uses these service plans for automatic and accurate invoicing.

Carevium Care ScheduleCare Activities Schedule

Clients / Caregivers schedule can be generated automatically based on assessment. Activities such as bathing, dressing / grooming, mobility assistance, meal preparation, housekeeping, etc. can be scheduled as necessary and viewed / updated in the Client Care Chart. Carevium includes a Telephony (Electronic Visit Verification) module for caregiver clock-in and clock-out from client’s home.

Carevium Client AppointmentsClient Appointments

Clients will have a plethora of appointments such as Hospital / Doctor visits, Salon appointments, Dental appointments, Therapy appointments, etc.

These off-site and on-site appointments can be scheduled and monitored by caregivers.

Activities and NotesTasks, Activities and Notes

Office staff can setup tasks to do and general activities – not related to clients, and record notes for other staff and future reference.

Tasks can be viewed in calendar mode and reminders / notifications can be setup.

Carevium Prospects and Referrals TrackingProspects and Referrals Management Activities

Carevium CRM includes a comprehensive prospect management and referral tracking module. Leads can be captured and tracked in a central place. Follow-up activities can be scheduled, managed and tracked.

Reports such as Leads by Stage, Leads by Status, Leads by Class, Leads by Source Group, Leads by Referral Source, etc. can be viewed with live data.

Carevium Billing and QuickBooks IntegrationBilling, ACH Payment Processing, QuickBooks Integration

Carevium includes a billing module to automate client billing processes. Invoice payments can also be captured from clients’ bank accounts via ACH electronic check processing or credit / debit cards.

Based on the service plans and service agreements, invoices can be generated automatically avoiding manual errors. Invoices can be emailed, downloaded and integrated with online QuickBooks accounting software.

Carevium Staff ManagementStaff Management and Scheduling

Carevium supports comprehensive staff and caregiver profile management and work scheduling features. Features include staff profile maintenance, alerts and preferences setup, shift or hours based scheduling, client – caregiver association, training programs / certifications logging, and schedule views.

Caregiver Clock In - Clock OutCaregiver Clock-in and Clock-out (EVV)

Carevium home care agency software includes a clock-in / clock-out module for caregivers’ use. Caregivers can use point of care app on a tablet or built-in telephony feature for clocking in and out of clients’ homes. This process is also known as Electronic Visit Verification (EVV).

Carevium Marketing Contacts and ActivitiesMarketing Contacts and Activities Tracking

Carevium CRM also includes a marketing contacts management and marketing activities / tasks / notes module. Marketing Calendar provides a quick view of planned and pending marketing task.

Alert notifications can also be setup for marketing activities.

Carevium Client Census and ReportsClient Census and Reports

Carevium home care management software includes a number of real time reports such as client census, billing summary, client roster, staff summary, etc.

Reports can be saved as PDF documents on a PC or printed to the printer. Data can also be downloaded as Excel spreadsheets or CSV (comma separated value) files.

Carevium Alerts Reminders NotificationsAlerts and Notifications

Carevium software includes comprehensive alerts and notifications option for both staff members and family caregivers. The alerts are fully customizable for each office / location.

Alert notifications can be delivered via SMS text, push notifications or email messages.

Carevium Family Members Users AccessFamily Members User Access

Family members and caregivers can be provided with required access to the home care information such as activities, schedule, billing, etc.

Office administrator can control what they can share with the family members to keep them posted with their loved one’s activities and status.

Carevium Billing, Payroll and QuickBooks IntegrationAdmin Reporting and Corporate Dashboard

Corporate organizations with multiple office locations or owners with multiple offices can get consolidated reports on client census, billing, new clients, crop-outs, prospects, marketing activities, etc.

All reports include graphical charts for easy reading and quick grasp of the overview.

Carevium Documents Cloud Storage and AccessDocuments Storage and Access

Client documents can be scanned and stored in the Carevium cloud for secure storage and quick access.

Administration and staff related digital document copies also can be stored in the Carevium cloud module and accessed quickly.

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