Caregivers and Clients Management

Caregivers and Clients Management are critical operations management functions for non-medical homecare agencies and franchisees.

Scheduling professional caregivers based on their availability, geographical region / area, skills and capabilities,  etc. and matching with homecare clients’ requirements can be handled by Carevium homecare software platform with ease.

Agencies can save significant time and cost by leveraging these features. Carevium supports multiple staff shifts and assignment processes.

Clock-in and Clock-out functions can be automated with telephone verification or smart phone / tablet based geo-verification methods.

Carevium system can alert care managers and office coordinators via email or text messaging when caregivers do not clock-in within the specified time limits.

Staff payroll data can be extracted from the system eliminating manual errors.

Multi-agency operators and master franchisees can look up high level staff reports in real time.

Comprehensive Client Profiles can be maintained in Carevium. Clients’ requirements and preferences are managed and matched with caregivers as necessary.

Carevium Caregivers and Clients Management modules increase efficiency in operations management, cuts cost, and increases client satisfaction.

Optional Carevium Client Portal (aka Access Anytime) enables homecare clients and their family members access the care schedule, billing and payments information in real time.