Home Care Payment Processing

Carevium private duty care management software includes comprehensive billing, invoicing, accounts receivables management and home care payment processing modules.

Payment Methods

Carevium home care software platform supports resident payment processing via ACH or Electronic Check method – making payment collection an automatic process, instead of collecting manual checks and depositing in bank accounts.

Home Care Payment Processing

With the bank ACH payment and online Credit / Debit card processing options enabled in Carevium, Account Receivables Management is no more a time taking and manual process. Carevium provides both ACH and online credit / debit card processing.

QuickBooks Integration

Since most small and medium sized homecare businesses use Intuit QuickBooks as their preferred accounting and accounts receivable software system, Carevium enables QuickBooks integration for invoices, payments and receivables management.

What is ACH or Electronic Check processing?

ACH is a banking term, short for Automated Clearing House. This is generally known as Electronic Check Processing (or simply eCheck processing). As the name suggests, customers’ bank checks are cleared electronically without presenting a paper check.

US ACH eCheck ImageACH is similar to electronic credit card processing. Instead of credit or debit cards, customers need to provide their bank information (Routing number and Account number) and authorize the party collecting the payments – in our case Assisted Living Communities – to take the money from their bank account directly.

Bank account number and routing number displays are highlighted in the US check image shown here. The Routing Number is made up of exactly 9 numeric digits, whereas the Account Number can be from 3 to 10 digits. Preceding zeroes (i.e. zeros in the initial positions) in these numbers should always be entered as it is while setting up the bank account information for resident payment processing.

Why not use a credit or debit card to make payments? Credit or debit card processing fees are exorbitantly high. Electronic check payment processing fees are very reasonable.

With home care payment processing, home care agencies and franchisees can reduce their manual billing and collection efforts significantly. Invoices and statements can be emailed to clients from the system. Many reports including billing summary and accounts receivable summary are available.