Billing and Reporting

Carevium Homecare software includes comprehensive homecare billing, account receivables management, payment processing, and 24×7 real time reporting functions.

Home Care Billing

Client billing can be carried out at various frequencies based on agency requirements.

Based on clock-in and clock-out records, the system computes billing amounts and generates invoices. Invoices can be emailed to clients, downloaded for printing, or saved as PDF documents. Client Payments can be processed using eCheck / ACH / Bank Account options or via credit / debit cards.

Accounts Receivables Management

Account receivables management and statement generation is fully automatic and does not eats into office managers time.


Carevium software includes comprehensive reporting for office managers, care coordinators, caregivers, franchisors / franchisees, and clients. Summary / overview reports include graphical representation for easy understanding. Reports can be downloaded as Excel / CSV data files or PDF documents.

All reports are available online reflecting real time status. Hence reports need not be printed or emailed to management.