Carevium to Leverage Blockchain Technology for Data Protection

Carevium, a leading cloud based elder care software platform for senior living and adult day care communities, is leveraging Block Chain technology for protecting data. While the blockchain technology is still not used for storage of bulk transaction data (in our case healthcare and administrative data) due to high costs and technical issues still ironed out, it can be gainfully used for data protection with time stamping, finger printing and audit capabilities.

Carevium leverages Blockchain Technology

Carevium creates auditable backups of data on a regular basis in order to protect the data from technical failures. The backup copies of data are encrypted and stored securely for predetermined periods of time. It can be compared to a digital archival and backup notary service.

Major issue with today’s internet attacks is that the users do not know when the data was corrupted or compromised by the attackers. Deployment of blockchain technology to store the digital signatures enables us to quickly identify any issues with the data changes.

Carevium keeps an audit trail of all activities and transactions in the database in multiple copies and locations, and backs up the data in set intervals. Blockchain enables the integrity checks of the backup data copies. This provides peace of mind for not only the enterprise customers of Carevium but also the small and medium sized facilities providing elder care.

Blockchain in Healthcare is the buzzword today in the technology and healthcare industries. Carevium intends to keep up with the development in blockchain technology for benefits of our customers. When regulations are ready to catchup, Carevium will be ready to utilize blockchain technology in other areas such as personal / electronic health records (EHR) and financial transactions.

For more information on Carevium platform for elder care and how it can help senior living communities, please see the website at

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