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Carevium to Launch Certification for Caregivers, Medication Aides, Nurses and Administrators of Senior Communities

Carevium Digital Health and Care Management Platform for seniors housing communities, assisted living facilities and home care services will launch a technical certification program to certify users of Carevium.

Certification guidelines and criteria are being worked out. Certification will start in early 2016. Organizations using Carevium platform will benefit from recruiting certified professionals. Certification areas considered are:

  • Carevium CertificationResident Assessment
  • Care Planning and Charting
  • Medication Management
  • Progress Notes and Vital signs recording
  • Staff documentation and management
  • Administrative Activities
  • Marketing and Referral management
  • Home Care Documentation

Caregivers and professionals working in senior living communities and home care service providers can help improve their skills in electronic documentation and use of Carevium in care planning, delivery and management. Employees such as caregivers, medication aides, nurses, and administrators can use Carevium certification as a differentiator against the competition.


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