Carevium 2.0 Vital Signs

Carevium Releases New User Interface And Adds New Features

Carevium Senior Living Software version 2.0 has been released with modern, flat design based user interface. In addition to the refresh of the user interface, several new features have been added and existing features have been improved.

Carevium being a tablet-centric software, optimal user experience is a critical requirement. Unlike legacy software systems, cloud based Carevium users do not need formal training and this necessitates continuous improvement to the user interface in order to increase user productivity and efficiency.

Carevium 2.0 Vital Signs

Resident Photo Gallery

Resident Photo Gallery is a new feature included in Carevium 2.0. Caregivers in assisted living communities and residential care homes can take pictures of residents occasionally and share with the family members. Carevium Family Caregiver App (Access Anytime) helps family members to view their loved one’s photos taken by the caregivers.

Carevium notifies connected family members when new photos are uploaded to the system. The notifications can be through email, SMS text messages or push notifications via the family app.

About Carevium

Carevium is a comprehensive care management application for use in the senior living industry. Carevium users include assisted living facilities, memory care communities, residential care homes (aka board and care homes) and CCRCs. Caregivers use the application at point-of-care through mobile tablets (such as iPads and Android tablets). Carevium empowers caregivers in senior housing facilities to provide quality care and increase resident census.

Access Anytime is a mobile app from Carevium used by family members to view information on loved ones staying in assisted living communities.

Carevium starts from referral tracking and pre-admission processes to billing and online rent collection, and everything in between! Learn more about Carevium Assisted Living software on

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