Carevium Home Care Management Platform Adds Telephony Integration for Employee Clock-In

Carevium Private Duty Home Care Agency Management Platform has added Telephony Integration for employee clock-in and clock-out functions. While many private duty home care agencies are providing Carevium mobile app to the caregivers traveling to the clients’ homes, it is not uncommon for many agencies to continue the existing centralized administrative processes. In such cases, telephone based clock-in and clock-out functions improves time tracking effectiveness and reduces manual administrative work.

Caregiver on telephoneCarevium Home Care Management, Scheduling and Time Tracking software application now enables caregivers to use the telephone for clocking-in when they arrive at the clients’ homes.

This feature also helps automatic no-show alerts to the administrative personnel to take corrective action. Carevium uses Twilio, a highly scalable, modern telecommunication service provider.

How It Works?

When a caregiver reaches a client’s home per care scheduled provided by the agency office, she will use the home care client’s home phone and dial a toll-free number.

The system will prompt her personal identifier (a PIN number) and the client identifier. Once she punches in this information, the system will validate the information based on the schedule in the Carevium database system and establish a clock-in record. The system will also record the time, phone number (if not blocked), and the GPS location (if called from a mobile phone device) for future reference.

When the caregiver has completed the work, she will dial in the number at the end of her work and clock-out in a similar fashion.

The home care agency scheduling coordinator or the manager can verify these entries and approve for billing and payroll purposes. Telephony based clock-in and clock-out processes will save a significant amount of time for the in-home care agency administration personnel and increase client satisfaction.


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