Frequently Asked Questions

Can you arrange a live Carevium Demo?

We would be glad to setup a time with you and walkthrough the Carevium software using GoToMeeting – the popular, online meeting application or Skype, if prefer. Please contact Carevium and provide a brief about your community or organization, so we will be prepared to answer your questions.

Is Carevium a web based software?

Yes, Carevium is a fully web based software application. It has been fully designed from ground up and works from the cloud. Carevium application can also be accessed via mobile tablets for point of care.

Why use a web based software?

Carevium web based software is hosted on the cloud in multiple, secure data centers and hence it is available 24×7. The application can be accessed from anywhere, anytime – so you are not tied to your desk or office. No need for upfront investment in hardware or buying additional software. Use internet enabled mobile tablets to access the cloud based Carevium software.

Is Carevium a Cloud based software application?

Yes, Carevium assisted living and home care application is cloud based. Hence it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime using Internet or your Mobile tablet data connection.

What is the pricing for Carevium software?

Carevium monthly subscription pricing is based on number of residents and the feature set chosen by the facility. Please see the section on Carevium Pricing for more information.

Support Included?

Carevium includes unlimited support.

Are there additional costs?

Carevium is monthly subscription based. Third party fees such as telephony charges, payment processing fees, etc. may be applicable depending on your usage.

How long does it take to implement Carevium?

It depends on what you want to start with. Generally it will be a few days (rather than weeks or months).

Is there a setup / implementation fee?

We are not charging any setup fees during the introductory period. In the long run, we might charge nominal fee for major communities with complex configuration requirements. Setup for small and medium sized facilities will more likely remain free.

What about Refunds?

Unfortunately we do not prorate or refund monthly fees – if you cancel your subscription during a paid month.

Can I change Plans or cancel at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade or cancel your plans anytime. However, we do not prorate or refund partial fees.

How to set up Carevium?

Our implementation team helps configure and setup the application based on your requirements. Assessment templates, care plans, apartment / room / unit configuration, user roles required, etc. will be reviewed and setup by Carevium team, so that your staff and caregivers can start using it quickly!

Do we need to make software and data backups?

No. Since Carevium is a web based, cloud hosted software application, we take care of everything for you. No maintenance or back up headaches for you

Is Carevium application data safe and secure?

Carevium is hosted in highly secure, world class data centers in multiple regions of US. We use SSL (which is used by banks and financial institutions) for secure data movement and robust data encryption while in storage.

What about federal and state regulations?

Since Carevium collects, processes and maintains personally identifiable information and protected health information (PHI) on behalf of you, the system is in designed in compliance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996). We take privacy and security of customer data seriously.

What is the software upgrade process?

The software will be upgraded in the web and backend automatically. If your are using our tablet apps, then you need to upgrade the same on your devices. This is the major advantage of using a cloud based software application.

Can Carevium be used by small residential care homes?

Yes. Carevium can be used by any size assisted living facilities, residential care homes and memory care communities.

Does Carevium work for "ALF Management Companies"?

Yes. Carevium has a comprehensive module specifically designed for assisted living management, operations and management companies. Whether the company manages couple of locations or dozens facilities, Carevium is great tool to consolidate information and provide a unified view to the corporate management in the home office.

Is Carevium available in all states?

Yes. Carevium is available for assisted living and memory communities and residential care homes across the country. We provide extensive assistance during initial implementation and ramp up. The software is easy to use and designed with the caregiving staff in these scenarios in mind. There is no need for onsite visits and consulting. Result: quick implementation, no wastage of time and no implementation charges.

What are the tablets supported by Carevium?

The Carevium app is currently available on Google Android based tablets. However, Carevium assisted living application can be used on Windows 8 and Apple iOS (iPad) tablets via the browser

We use QuickBooks for our accounting. Can Carevium support data export to QuickBooks?

Yes, Carevium provides billing and invoice details data download in QuickBooks format. Carevium assisted living software focuses on Care Management rather than accounting.

Should we use Assessment Score based pricing model?

It is up to you to choose a pricing model for your customers. You may choose a fixed rent and service pricing based on the care needs of a resident. Or use the comprehensive assessment points based pricing with multiple tiers (based on the number of points). Carevium provides flexible approach.

Carevium seems to be a comprehensive assisted living software suite. Do we need to use all the modules?

It is up to you. You decide what works for your specific business scenario. Though Carevium is fully integrated from CRM to Billing and Move-out modules, you can pick and choose what you want to use.

What are the software modules of Carevium most widely used by Residential Care Homes?

Most widely used Carevium modules by small residential care homes (RCFE, AFH, CBRF, etc.) providing board and care and assisted services are: Resident Move-in, Resident data maintenance, eMAR/ MedChart, Care Chart, Vital signs recording, Progress Notes, Resident Appointments management, Real time alerts and notification, Billing summary, Documents storage and access, Family info access app, and Resident Census and metrics reporting. Of course, this list varies from customer to customer.

Is Carevium available for international clients?

Carevium is available for use in select international locations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE (Dubai / Abu Dhabi), etc. Please contact us for your requirements in other location and we will assess if Carevium suits your needs.

Is Carevium a HIPAA Compliant software system?

Yes, Carevium cloud based care management system is HIPAA Compliant. Read more about HIPPA compliance on this page.

Can Carevium be used for Remote Care Management by home care support providers?

Yes, Carevium includes a full fledged client / patient care management module for remote care monitoring and management by home care providers. Additional features include Care Plan / Care tracking, Medication Management (eMAR) and reminders, Photo sharing between family, senior and caregivers, Video chat, and Secure private messaging.

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