Marketing Contacts and Activities

Carevium senior living CRM application includes a comprehensive Marketing Contacts and Outreach Activities management module, in addition to the Prospects Management and Referral Tracking module. Marketing staff in the senior living communities can use this module to manage contacts, and keep track of marketing activities, tasks, notes, etc.

Contacts details / history and the activities calendar can be leveraged to access information about past visits or previous communications while traveling to reach out to potential referral sources such as social workers, hospital discharge planners, etc.

Carevium CRM Functions on Tablet with Keyboard Dock

Managing Marketing Contacts

Maintaining and updating marketing and outreach contacts is a necessary chore. Carevium CRM helps organize all your marketing contacts in a central place. The data is accessible via WiFi or phone carrier-enabled tablets or a PC via web browser anytime. Whether you are working from home or on the road hitting a community event or an industry conference, updated contact information is available for you within a few taps.

Carevium CRM Marketing Contacts

Marketing Tasks, Notes and Activities

Carevium CRM also includes a comprehensive module to keep track of marketing notes, tasks, and activities. Alerts and reminder notifications can be setup for pending and overdue tasks. The following screenshot shows a sample marketing activity list of an eldercare community marketer.

Carevium CRM Marketing Activities

Adding and updating marketing activities are simple and easy. Here is the screenshot of the marketing task / note entry module. Your sales and marketing personnel can get going in a few minutes rather than undergoing days and weeks of training for the complicated CRM systems in the market.

Carevium Marketing Activity Tasks module


Marketing tasks can be viewed and updated in easy to read calendar mode. Marketing Activities list can be filtered using multiple filters such as activity status or date, contact person, type of contact, marketing staff, etc.

Please take a look at the Prospects Management and Referral Tracking section to learn about the prospect capture, referral tracking, sales stages, lead analysis reports, etc.