Carevium CRM for Senior Living Communities

Carevium CRM application is available for all senior housing communities (including Assisted Living facilities, Memory Care or Alzheimer’s Dementia Care communities, Residential Care Homes (CBRFs, RCFEs, AFHs, etc.), and Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs)) who subscribe to the Carevium Assisted Living Software platform.

For those managing multiple facilities or group homes, Carevium CRM is a great tool for getting an unified view of all facilities and marketing and sales activities.

Carevium Senior Living Lead Management Funnel

Carevium CRM for marketing contacts management, referral tracking and lead management can be used on PCs (browser based) or tablets based on Apple iOS or Google Android. Supported tablets include Apple (iPad), Google (Nexus), Samsung (Galaxy series), Acer, Asus, HP, and Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

Capturing prospective resident information, tracking referral sources, following up with conversion activities and managing the entire lead flow is essential to convert the prospects into residents. Carevium Lead Tracking and Management module helps empower the sales/marketing staff in your communities to manage the entire lead capture and conversion cycle.

Carevium Marketing and Contacts Management module helps organize all the marketing contacts with any relevant notes and follow-up activities.

Carevium CRM module, a part of the Carevium Resident Care Management suite, is a web / cloud based software solution and hence can be accessed from anywhere, anytime using an internet browser.

If you are using mobile tablets for accessing the CRM application, the devices should have internet access via WiFi or through your telephone carrier.

Carevium CRM Features

Carevium CRM module (Lead Management / Referral tracking / Marketing) is custom designed for senior living facilities and hence does not include all complexities that come with standard CRM software such as

Carevium CRM features include:

  • Easy to use; no training is required
  • Capture leads from various online and offline sources
  • Enter leads received from your referral sources and phone calls
  • Track the sales process through stages (New prospect, Qualified, Onsite Tour, Deposit paid, Move-in)
  • Color-coded Sales Stages for each lead
  • Assign a Hot, Warm or Cold category to easily prioritize leads for follow-up
  • Track and manage all follow-up activities and notes
  • View tasks and reminders in calendar view mode
  • Color-coded activity status for easy visibility
  • Assign leads to sales staff for follow-up
  • Extensive, easy to understand, real time reports (Ex. Leads by Sales Stage, Leads by Source, Leads by Referrer, Leads by Class, Leads by Sales Staff)
  • Download prospects list to Excel spreadsheet
  • Full-fledged Marketing Contacts management and outreach activities / marketing notes tracking
  • Marketing activities / tasks calendar

Benefits of Using Carevium CRM

Marketing and sales coordinators are fully empowered by Carevium Assisted Living CRM to perform at their best capabilities. Here are the benefits:

  • Increase conversion and census
  • Increase family satisfaction (pre-sales)
  • No lead will be left behind without follow-up
  • Get rid of multiple spreadsheets
  • Can be used on personal computers (desktops / laptops) or mobile tablets
  • Focus on customer requirements, rather than paperwork
  • Keep track of sales and marketing staff performance
  • For multi-facility organizations, corporate office / home office staff can view all referrals / sales / marketing information online

Carevium CRM Pricing

Carevium CRM / Referral Management module is included free for the Carevium platform subscribers. If you are not using Carevium core platform, you may opt for subscribing to CRM module only. See Carevium Senior Living Software Pricing section for more details.

More about Carevium CRM Features

Click on the following category links to read more about the respective module.

Carevium Marketing Contacts Management module

Marketing and sales contacts maintenance, notes recording, tasks and activities planning and calendar.


Carevium CRM Marketing Contacts Tablet and Mac


Carevium Lead Management and Referral Tracking module

Lead capture, lead status updates, follow-up activities tracking, pending and overdue activities alerts and reminder notifications.

Carevium CRM Prospects List on Tablet


How to Sign Up for the Carevium CRM – Referral Tracking and Management Application?

Contact us using the online contact form and provide us the basic information about your community such as Community Name, Contact information, Number of units / residents, Approximate volume of leads that your community may handle in a month, and any other relevant information. We will set-up the account and email you the application access information.

Do I need a Credit Card to sign up for Carevium Assisted Living CRM application?

Credit card is not necessary to sign up for CRM. However, we will validate the requests to make sure that the inquiries are from communities and not spam submissions. If necessary, our implementation team member may contact you to validate the information provided by you, and obtain any additional information required while setting up the account. Please note that Credit Card on file is required for the core Carevium Assisted Living Software application.

Other CRM Applications

Note that you may also use any third other CRM software such as LeadPro 24/7, a cloud based lead capture, tracking, and management software, You’ve Got LeadsSalesforce.comZoho CRMSugarCRM, etc. along with Carevium ALF software. Or you may use your own in-house marketing and lead management systems. With optional interfaces, leads can be directly imported into our Carevium Elder Care Management system from these in-house or third party CRM systems and manual re-entry of prospective resident (leads) information can be avoided.