Marketing, Referral Tracking CRM

Carevium CRM includes a comprehensive prospect management and referral tracking module. Leads can be captured and tracked in a central place. Follow-up activities can be scheduled, managed and tracked.

Reports such as Leads by Stage, Leads by Status, Leads by Class, Leads by Source Group, Leads by Referral Source, Leads by Facility / Location, etc. can be viewed with 24×7 live data.

Carevium CRM also includes a marketing contacts management and marketing activities / tasks / notes module. Marketing Calendar provides a quick view of planned and pending marketing tasks.

Alert notifications can also be setup for referral tracking / lead management and marketing activities.

Here are the key features of our cloud based Carevium Assisted Living CRM system:

Marketing Contacts and Referrals tracking and management

Lead follow-up and Marketing follow-up Calendars

Prospective Resident Information collection

Alerts and reminders in real time

Graphical reporting and analysis

Mobile tablet centered solution for remote, 24 x 7 access