Vitals and Care Signals from mHealth Devices

Carevium enables automatic capture of vital signs and other health / home monitoring signals from various devices, sensors, monitoring systems, and wearable devices.

Of course, vitals and other measures can be entered into the Carevium system directly using mobile apps or the web application.

Vitals and Measures

Following is the list of care signals (aka health and wellness measures) that can be captured by Carevium via APIs to various devices and cloud systems.

Blood Measures

  • Blood Pressure – SystolicWithings blood pressure monitor
  • Blood Pressure – Diastolic

Body Measures

  • Weight
  • BMI (computed)

Activity Measures

  • Number of steps

    Withings smart body scale

  • Distance
  • Calories

Breath Measures

  • Breath Count

Nutrition Apps / Devices Measures

  • Body  Media, Noom, etc.

Integrated Systems

iHealth Wireless Glucometer - Carevium IntegrationCarevium seamlessly connects with a number of third party systems, cloud solutions, home and health monitoring stations, etc. If your system or device is not listed below, please contact us.

  • Qualcomm Life 2Net hub / 2Net platform
  • Embedded Wireless Zylant platform
  • Withings
  • iHealth Labs
  • Validic