Carevium User Roles and Permissions

An integral component of using the Carevium system for an assisted living facility or care home is its ability to custom configure the system for each staff member based on their responsibilities. The Carevium team has created multiple user roles with different access permissions to fit the needs of any staff member. In situations when one of the existing created user roles does not meet the needs of one or more staff members at an ALF or memory care community organization, Carevium can custom-create new user roles to meet these needs.

What do ALF Administrators have access to?

The Facility Director and Community Administrator user roles have the broadest range of access to the Carevium system.  They can have access to and oversee what any other user in their facility does.  They would also have additional access to billing, payment information, and facility operations and management information that other staff members would not need access to.

How are User Roles set-up for an ALF?

During initial set-up of an ALF with the Carevium system, the Carevium team will jointly decide with management about what user roles would be appropriate for a facility.  New user roles can be created if they are needed also.  The Carevium team will also assign what staff and family alert preferences would meet the needs.  Customizing assessments and configuring care activities for the Care Chart are also done jointly with the Carevium team during set-up stage.

How are a User Role’s assigned permissions viewed?

Any ALF or care home administrator can see all the access permissions that have been designated to their assigned user roles by going to Settings –> User Roles and clicking on the appropriate user role.  The permissions which are enabled among the very long list will be check-marked.  If seeing the break-down of user permissions this way is overwhelming, an administrator can also assign the user role to any staff member and log-in with that person’s credentials to visually see on the system what features that role has access to.

Some important Questions for an administrator to keep in mind when assigning user roles include:

  1. Who does and does not have access to all Billing and Payment Info?
  2. Who has access to Physician Notes, Resident Documents, and Assessments?
  3. Who has access to Staff and Facility documents?
  4. Who can move-in and move-out residents from the system?
  5. Who can add staff and assign them as users?
  6. Who can add family users?
  7. What level of resident care do each of the caregivers, nurses, or med aides have access…i.e. the Care Chart, Med Chart, Med Orders, Care Schedule, Care Chart and Med Chart reports, etc.

All this can be better understood by an assisted living facility or care home during initial implementation phase where the Carevium team will work hand-in-hand to guide through the process!

Here is a brochure listing the features and benefits of Carevium Assisted Living software application.

Whether you are small residential care home or a large community with multiple locations, Carevium can support all your needs!

If you would like to see the Carevium application in action, please submit a demo request. We will setup a time and walk you through the system using an online session.