Secure Private Messaging

Carevium Resident Care Management application even has its own in-built e-mail system.  It is called the Secure Private Messaging module and can be used by staff, residents, and their families that have log-in credentials.

Why is the Messaging Module beneficial to use?

Sometimes staff want to notify families of certain incidents or events that may happen at the assisted living community.  Other times family members may have a question about their senior loved one’s health or behavior.  The Messaging module provides a simple e-mail method to send messages back and forth between the families and residents or families and staff members.

Communication with family members is vital to assisted living communities to get feedback about level of care services or dietary preferences or for requesting payment.  Having a simple e-mail messaging system built into the Carevium platform avoids using any outside e-mail source for communication.

Why is it better and easier to use than E-mail?

Any staff, family, or resident user will only get e-mail messages that are directed to them internally through the system.  This avoids spam and going through numerous messages to find any important communication from families or staff members.  Any user that logs into the Carevium system and sees messages waiting for them will know that each message is being received internally through another Carevium system user.

What alerts that a Message is waiting for a user?

Red alert bubbles on the home page indicate pending unopened messages.  This will alert any user to open the Messaging module to see any message that is waiting for them.  Then, they can respond or forward the message, just as can be done in any other e-mail system.

How are Messaging Groups created?

An interesting feature of this Messaging module is the Group function.  Groups can be created by administrators for caregiving or other staff groups or for family member groups related to certain residents.  Setting up groups allows messages to be sent to everyone in that group simultaneously instead of writing and sending individual messages.

How are Messaging Groups used?

Using the Group function could especially be useful if needing to send a message to all staff members for example for a training or for paycheck pick-up.  All family members and friends of a particular resident may want to be invited to that resident’s birthday.  Or else, an assisted living facility holiday function invite or reminder could go to a combined list of all families and friends.

When does an ALF implement the Messaging module?

There are numerous creative and useful ways that the Secure Private Messaging module of the Carevium Resident Care Management platform can be leveraged.  It is up to the facility whether to start using this feature early upon adoption of the software by the facility or to wait and get used to some of the other features first.  A Carevium implementation consultant will work hand in hand with you during implementation and on an ongoing basis to help adopt the various features of the Carevium platform.

Here is a brochure listing the features and benefits of Carevium Assisted Living software application.

Whether you are small residential care home or a large community with multiple locations, Carevium can support all your needs!

If you would like to see the Carevium application in action, please submit a demo request. We will setup a time and walk you through the system using an online session.