Employee and Staff Management

Carevium assisted living software system for elder care facilities includes a full-fledged employee and staff management component.

Functions of staff management module include:

  • staff profile maintenance
  • application user maintenance
  • staff scheduling staff – resident assignment
  • staff shift template and schedule generation
  • staff re-assignment
  • staff training programs maintenance
  • clock-in and clock-out options for attendance recording
  • staff alert preferences setup, and
  • staff documents storage and management.

Staff Profile and User Maintenance

Each employee and contractor profile can be maintained in the Carevium system. Profile information include personal information, profile photo, contact information, and credentials information.

Carevium Staff Scheduling ManagementEach staff member can be setup as application users with appropriate access permissions and user roles. Staff who do not need to access the Carevium application need not be setup as users.

Each staff member can also setup their own alert preferences for various reminders and notifications, subject to facility level setup parameters.

Staff Training Records Maintenance

Staff training programs can be logged for record keeping purposes. Information collected include program description, training period and duration, trainer information, certifications, validity date range, etc.

Alerts can be set and notifications sent to administrators when training / certifications are due for renewal.

Staff Scheduling

Carevium helps administrators and managers in creating staff schedules based on various work and availability criteria.

Carevium supports two approaches of scheduling processes: (1) based on shifts with fixed time, and (2) based on hours for each employee for each day of the week.

Shift based scheduling often helps larger organizations and communities organize the scheduling activities easily. In this case, each staff member setup with a specific shift template for one or more weeks (shift cycle). Then the system can auto generate the staff schedule for a given period.

In the ‘hours’ based approach, each employee can be setup with a specific time (ex. 6 AM to 6 PM) for each day of the week. Then the system can use this information to generate the schedule.

Carevium also supports complete manual staff scheduling – which may be suitable to small and medium sized facilities. Manual scheduling also can follow one of the above approaches.

Staff scheduling take a bit of configuration for each facility based on its specific business scenario. Our implementation consultants will help understanding the process and setup the configuration.

Assigned shifts can be changed based on personnel movements and changes.

Resident – Staff Assignment

Some organizations prefer to associate specific staff members for specific residents based on their preferences or other parameters.

Carevium supports assigning staff to residents in the facility. However, assigning staff to residents is a manual activity. Once the staff – resident assignment is carried out manually, the system can use this information while generating the care schedules.

Care chart and Med chart schedules will use this association / relationship.