Documents Storage and Management

Cloud based Carevium Senior Living software supports uploading and maintenance all types of documents related to resident care and elder care community management such as employee administration and facility management.

You can upload, search, find, view, download and print documents. The following information explains cloud document management using Carevium application.

Carevium Cloud Document Management System

Who can use Carevium Cloud Document Storage and Access feature?

Virtually all users of Carevium, including Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs), Memory Care Communities (MCs), Adult Family Homes (AFH), Residential Care Homes (RCFE, CBRF, etc.), Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs), Independent Living Communities (ILs) and Adult Day Care Centers.

What are the Document File Types supported in Carevium cloud?

Following key documents types are supported: Microsoft Word (DOCX), Excel (XLS), Adobe PDF, Images files (PNG and JPG), and scanned TIFF files.

How to locate / search / find the documents stored in Carevium cloud storage?

All documents are tied to the respective entity such as (1) Resident, (2) Staff members, and (3) Facility. Hence it is easy to find the documents. In addition, documents are categorized and tagged to separate groups while uploading. Also, key words / tags can be specified for each document while uploading the same into the Carevium application cloud. All these parameters can be used to search / locate / find a document. Once it is located, you can view, print, or download the respective document file.

What are the typical documents stored and accessed by ALF and RCFE application users?

Documents and files that are uploaded for storage and later access fall into three broad groups.

(1) Resident Documents: These include Power of Attorney, Lease or Rental Agreements, Move-in agreements, Advance Directive copies, POLST copies, resident application, identification documents, emergency contact forms, DNR forms, Physician notes, Lab notes, Progress notes, Therapy notes, etc.

(2) Staff Member Documents: These documents are related to the community / care home staff members. Examples include Employment documents, Certification credentials, Photographs, Background Check documents, Identification documents, Training documents, etc.

(3) Facility / Community Related Documents: These files include Marketing Collateral such as brochures, artworks, leaflets, etc., Training documents and manuals, Forms, Licenses, Insurance documents, etc. Note that these are not tied to any particular staff or resident.

How to Upload Documents into the Carevium Elder Care Software system?

Physical paper documents and files can be scanned using a scanner and uploaded into the Carevium system as PDF files (preferred format). Electronic files (Doc, Xls, Text, PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF) can be uploaded directly into the system. If you are using a mobile tablet (such as Android or Apple iPad), you can take a photo of the paper document and upload into the system.

There is a common document management module in Carevium, in addition to the several other individual modules such as Lab notes, Progress notes, Therapy notes, Staff management, etc. that support uploading of documents in electronic format.

Any other special features in Carevium Document Storage and Access Management?

Documents uploaded into Carevium assisted living facility operating software can be specified with a valid-up-to (or expiry) date. Once the date is reached, those documents will be highlighted in Red color. This feature will be useful for documents with limited life such as licenses, insurance documents, identification documents, staff training certificates, etc.

Once you use to the Carevium documents storage system, you will never have to go back to the resident and facility binders looking for the historical documents. All documents will be available to search, view, and print in a couple of clicks (or taps).