Vital Signs, Blood Sugar and Weight Tracking

Carevium application helps logging and monitoring vital signs and weight measurements taken by your nursing / caregiving staff.

Measures include body temperature, blood pressure – systolic and diastolic, pulse, respiration, oxygen saturation, weight and blood sugar. Vital measures can be viewed in charts for easy trending visibility.

Carevium Vital Signs Chart
The entries need not be manually written on paper or log books; instead the tablet device can be taken by the caregiver to the residents’ rooms and information captured at point of care. This helps avoid a ton of manual work and reduces errors significantly. For example, if the temperature entered is too high or too low, the system will prompt the user to recheck the values at the point of capture.

Vital Sign readings can also be scheduled along with the Medication Schedule (eMAR). When the medications are administered, med aide or nursing staff can record the vital signs.

iHealth mHealth Wireless Blood Pressure MonitorDevices Integration

Optionally, the system can also be configured to receive these measurements from devices, sensors, and health and home monitoring systems directly.

Weight tracking is useful for the nursing staff and family members. If the system notices a significant pattern, it will alert the user.

Please note that your authorized health provider (such as primary physician) is to be consulted in such cases; the system is just a tool to aid the caregiving staff or family members.

For more information, please visit Vitals and Care Signals section and read about the measures, devices, and systems supported.