Progress Notes

Carevium Resident Care software offers a convenient method for maintenance of resident notes by the nurses and caregivers.  With the Carevium Progress Notes module, there is no more need for arduous hand-writing in log books that need to be stored away.  Instead, all resident progress notes are entered into the Carevium system, and are accessible in real time to administrators and other staff when logging in through any computer or tablet.

Who Can Use Progress Notes?

Nurses and caregivers can input and store their daily ad-hoc or end-of-shift notes using the Carevium Progress Notes module.  The module is easily accessed through the main home page or through the individual resident’s options page.  Notes written through the main Progress Notes module from the home page will be transferred to the individual resident’s Progress Notes page and vice versa.

What Info is Input with Progress Note?

Progress Notes input includes info about the type of note, staff member, and whether it is a Significant Note or Nursing note.  The Significant notes and Nursing notes can be filtered and seen separately if needed.  Any document relevant to a progress note can be uploaded and stored along with the progress note as well.

What is in the Progress Notes History?

The Progress notes entered will be stored permanently unless they are deleted by management.  This historical maintenance can be useful for owners or administrators to check on a resident’s behavior or condition at any particular time in the past.  Since the notes can be easily filtered by resident’s name and date range, the notes for any particular time period can be pulled up on the system very quickly.

Can the Progress Notes be Printed?

Printing the progress notes is also an option.  For example, if a nurse, caregiver, or management at a facility want to let a resident’s physician know how the resident has been faring at the facility recently, they can easily print the relevant progress notes and forward them to the physician.  Alternately, a physician or other health professional can also be granted user access to the Carevium system so that they can log in and read the progress notes directly themselves without any transfer of paper.

Can Progress Notes be shared with Family Members?

Family members can also be granted user access(optional) to the Carevium system to read their resident senior’s progress notes.  Sharing of resident progress notes information through the Carevium system between family members, assisted living staff, and medical providers can enhance communication tremendously and avoid phone calls with elaborate explanations to describe a resident’s habits or condition.

Can Progress Notes be shared with Inspectors?

Additionally, sharing the Progress notes info with inspectors often helps ensure meeting compliance requirements.  Facility administrators can determine whether it would be beneficial to give access to the Progress Notes information to the inspectors.  The Carevium implementation team will help set-up the configuration as needed.

Here is a brochure listing the features and benefits of Carevium Assisted Living software application.

Whether you are small residential care home or a large community with multiple locations, Carevium can support all your needs!

If you would like to see the Carevium application in action, please submit a demo request. We will setup a time and walk you through the system using an online session.