Physician, Therapist and Lab Notes

Communication about the residents between medical providers such as physicians, therapists, other specialists, or laboratories and the assisted living communities can be simplified and organized using the Carevium assisted living software system.  The Physician Notes, Therapist Notes, and Lab Notes modules in the Resident management portfolio of options provide venues to organize and store these communications.

How do Physicians input resident notes into Carevium?

From physician offices or visits, there may be orders for medications, treatment orders, dietary orders, or any other special instructions.  These can all be logged into the Physician Notes section.  If the physician is granted user access permission to Carevium, he/she can directly input their note into the system which can be seen by nurses and caregivers in the assisted living communities.  Any accompanying documentation related to the physician order can also be uploaded along with the note.

How do Therapists input resident notes into Carevium?

Similarly, therapists can log their observations, notes, or special instructions into the Therapist Notes section.  These like the Physician notes are conveniently organized in backward chronological order for ease of use.  Like physicians, therapists given access permission to Carevium can directly input their notes into this module so that assisted living staff can view it in real-time and take necessary action steps.

How are Lab Results and Notes logged into Carevium?

Laboratory results and communications can also be logged in using the Lab Notes section.  Lab tests, like the Warfarin (Coumadin) INR can be pulled up by typing a few letters of the test name.  Then, corresponding values and any additional note can be entered as well.  Additional lab documentation which needs to be stored can also be uploaded along with the lab note, similar to Physician Notes and Therapist notes.

Can Physician, Therapist, and Lab Notes be printed?

All stored and categorized physician, lab, and therapist notes can be printed as needed both in individual note format or in list format.  This feature could be useful to share information with families or other medical providers that are not connected to the Carevium Resident Management system.

What are the advantages?

Physician, therapist, and lab communications stored conveniently under each resident’s portfolio are an easy way to keep the information safely in one place without storing documents in resident binders and searching for them.  Convenient search bars in each of these sections allows typing just a few letters or words to bring up the note of interest among many that may be stored.  Using these features of Carevium can both streamline communication and also increase regulatory compliance.

Here is a brochure listing the features and benefits of Carevium Assisted Living software application.

Whether you are small residential care home or a large community with multiple locations, Carevium can support all your needs!

If you would like to see the Carevium application in action, please submit a demo request. We will setup a time and walk you through the system using an online session.