Assessments – ADL and Clinical

Carevium resident care management platform for assisted living includes comprehensive assessment modules. Assessments are no longer paper-intensive. Pre-built templates are provided for various assessment groups, that can also be customized for each facility. Mobile tablets can be used for point-of-care use by RNs and caregivers.

Carevium Assisted Living Software Functions on tabletFollowing are some of the assessments included in the Carevium resident charts and care management platform.

  • Health / Clinical Assessment including Medical history, Physical exam, Allergies, Diagnoses and Medications
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) Assessment
  • Social, Administrative, Safety, and other assessments
  • Fall Risk Assessments

If you have additional requirements, please let us know.

Assessment Templates

Carevium includes a number of assessment templates for resident assessment – including geography (i.e. state) and size of the facility. We will help you chose the right template and customize it to your ALF requirements.

Service Plan and Care Plan Integration

Assessments are tied to the service plans and care plans for efficient care tracking and billing.

All past assessments can be viewed in a click of the mouse (or we should say ‘touch of the finger’). Assessments can be carried out during move-ins and any time after the resident moves into the facility.

Audit Trail

A complete audit trail of the assessments is maintained by the system for future reference.