Medication Administration Charts – eMAR

Carevium assisted living software and care management platform includes comprehensive, easy to use Medication Management and Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMAR) module. It provides full flexibility to the med staff (LVNs, Med aides) to administer scheduled med passes and PRN medications.

Medication Alerts and Notifications

Assisted Living Software Functions on tabletReminders and alerts via emails, SMS text messages, or push notifications can also be setup in order to get notifications in real time.

Medications errors can be avoided with significant reduction in paper work.

Med Chart

Carevium Med Chart (eMAR) can be used by the caregivers at point-of-care using mobile tablets.

Med Chart schedule can also include supplements and treatments (ex. blood sugar checks or would care) which go with the medication administration.

Vital signs readings such as blood pressure, body temperature, SpO2, etc. can also be scheduled along with the medications.

Med Chart integrates medication dispensing to the residents and vital signs recording in med passes.

Medication order management module is a comprehensive section that facilitates and health care personnel need to drive the eMAR scheduling and keep track of all new and past prescriptions from the physician.

Medication orders can be paused temporarily or stopped permanently by authorized personnel. When residents move temporarily to hospital or to visit their family, medications can be poured and provided to them.

Medication Management

Carevium includes a full fledged medications and supplements inventory / stock management module.

Medication receipts, Medication Refill reminders and requests, Medication returned / damaged / destroyed, Controlled medications /Narcotics tracking, Medication stock / inventory, etc. are all included in the Medication Management module.

Elder care facilities and RCFEs can use the medication management module to significantly reduce the efforts for medication reconciliation in the month-end and move-out process, and implement proactive medications management.

Reports such as medications list, medications stock, med order status, narcotics / controlled substances, stock status, etc. can be viewed / downloaded / printed any time in a couple of clicks. There is no need for manual updates or last minute work!

Pharmacy Integration

As an option, Carevium eMAR can be integrated with pharmacies such as OmniCare providing medication services to long term care (LTC) facilities. This feature will help automate medication refills requests, medication orders and prescriptions confirmation, and inventory reconciliation. Faxes to and from pharmacies can be fully eliminated.