Resident Assessments, Care Plans, eMAR

Carevium ALF software includes a number of functions to address the needs of caregivers and nursing staff members taking care of seniors in assisted living facilities, memory care communities, and residential care homes.

Residents assessments – both admission and continuing – are templated and easy to use. You can pick and choose from a variety of templates depending on your state and size of the community or services provided. Time and resources are cut with re-evaluations, as the past assessments can be copied and used with updates.

Assessments categories include ADLs, Behavioral and Social, Administrative, Safety, Fall Risk, and Health including medical history, physical assessment, and current allergies, medications, diagnoses and treatments.

Care levels and billing points (scores) can be tied to the assessment items, if preferred. ADL and other care plan activity tasks can also be tied to the assessment items.

Carevium also includes a comprehensive Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMAR) system. Multiple pharmacy systems are integrated with Carevium for medication management automation.

Vital signs, weight, blood glucose levels can be recorded via eMAR module or Vital Signs module. mHealth device readings can be directly read into the system.

Here are the key resident assessment, care plan and eMAR management features of Carevium system:

Resident Move-in tracking and management

Carevium includes a comprehensive Resident Move-in and Admission processing module. Resident information can be imported from the prospect records, if referral leads are entered into the marketing module. Data captured include Unit preferences, Contacts, Payers, Pharmacy, pre-admission Assessment, Fee items, and Care plan.

Templates for ADLs and Care Plans

Activities of daily living (ADLs) and Care plans can be easily scheduled and tracked in the Carevium system. In addition to the activities, resident observations can also be added to the care tracking schedule.

eMAR, Medication Alerts and Reminders

Electronic Medical Administration Records maintenance is a breeze with Carevium. Medications, Treatments, and Supplements can be scheduled and tracked while avoiding paper records. Vitals signs and blood glucose (BG) readings can also be captured using Carevium eMAR. System includes reminders and past due notifications. LTC pharmacy interfaces are available.

Vital Signs, Weight and Blood Glucose readings

Vital signs, weight, and blood glucose readings can be captured via eMAR module or Vital Signs recording module of Carevium. Vital sign, weight, and blood glucose trends can be visualized and printed in graphical trend charts. mHealth devices are also integrated to capture the measurements directly from these devices via cloud.

Mobile tablet centered solution for Point-of-Care use

Carevium is designed for use on mobile tablets – either as an app or browser application – to do assessments, develop care plans and manage medications. Caregivers, medication aides and nursing staff can use the system at point-of-care and avoid redundant paper work.