Software for Senior Living Communities

Carevium Assisted Living Software – Senior Living App for Resident Care Management helps Senior Living Communities, Residential Care Homes, CCRC facilities and Skilled Nursing Centers keep track of their resident care information at their fingertips. The information is no more confined to the computer so you are not tied to your desktop or laptop!

Whether you are managing an Assisted Living Facility (ALF), a Residential Care Home, or a Memory Care community taking care of residents with dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease, your staff can increase efficiency, reduce manual errors, and save costs by using Carevium assisted living software application.

Assisted Living Software for Senior Living Communities and CCRCs - Overview

Duplicate manual work and repetitive paper based work can be completely avoided. The app helps automating activities including prospect management (CRM), move-in processes, assessments (such as ADLs, Health, and Fall Risk evaluation), day-to-day care tracking, medication administration, alerts and progress notes, activity tracking, physician communications, therapist notes, pharmacy interactions, billing, transfers and move-outs.

Carevium care management platform also includes a Free CRM module for Lead Management and Referral Tracking by elder care communities serving seniors and their family members.

The following chart summarizes various features and components of the Carevium Senior Living software application. Please visit the Assisted Living Software features section for a detailed list and description.

Carevium Senior Living App, also known as Resident Care Management App, is useful for the following staff members in assisted living facilities:

  • Marketing and Sales teams
  • Facility Administrators / Directors
  • Medication Management professionals
  • Nursing staff
  • Activities Directors
  • Dietitian
  • Move-in, Accounting, Admin staff at the facilities
  • Caregivers
  • Corporate Managers and Staff at the headquarters

If you are a Senior Living Facility Management and Operations group managing multiple elder care facilities, our Corporate Dashboard app will make your staff more productive with on-line, real time census reports and occupancy metrics. We would love to talk to you if you have any specific requirements to meet your business needs!

Family members of the residents can be in touch with the situation at the facility by accessing care information and specific event information through our smart phone and tablet based mobile app.


Here are the benefits of implementing the Senior Living Application platform for your organization:

  • Resident Care focused apps
  • Improve Quality of Care
  • Improve Resident Safety
  • Improve Regulatory Compliance
  • Improve Resident satisfaction/ Family Satisfaction
  • Reduce Clinical Errors
  • Reduce staff turnover by empowering staff with real time information at finger tips
  • Access from anywhere – using tablets and WiFi connection
  • No learning curve for your staff to use Carevium Senior Living Mobile Apps
  • Instant reports on Census, Resident roster, Occupancy reports, Exceptions, etc. in real time
  • Save ton of manual efforts by staff as well as management and administrative personnel
  • Improves occupancy ratio
  • Reduce costs by reducing manual work and duplicate work, and increasing efficiency
  • Generate invoices and import into QuickBooks accounting software
  • Family members use our Mobile App to keep track of care information in real time
  • Optional messaging and video chat features through our Live CareConnect mobile app
  • Inbuilt CRM application module for lead management and referral tracking

All information is literally at your finger tips! Carevium Senior Living App works on mobile tablets such as Apples’s iPad, Google’s Android tablets, Microsoft Windows tablets, and Amazon Kindle Fire HD!

Please feel free to contact us using the online contact form on Carevium website.