Family Video Chat

Carevium Resident Care Management platform can be leveraged for doing video chatting between residents and their family members or between caregiving staff and family members.  The Video Chat module in the resident’s portfolio of options is a simple tool which allows visual and auditory display of the two people chatting, similar to a Skype-type of program.

How is Video Chat beneficial to use?

Family members will miss their senior loved ones living in assisted living communities and may want to just hear their voice for a few minutes every day or two.  Caregivers can easily select to video chat with any family user that has log-in credentials to Carevium.  They can also simply hold an iPad or other tablet in front of the senior so the family can see and chat with the senior as well.

How can Video Chat improve family satisfaction?

Senior communities providing this Video chat service through the Carevium platform will get favorable reputations with seniors’ families.  Families will appreciate that caregivers are willing to take a few minutes of their time to enable the senior to chat.  Simple tools on the Carevium Resident Care platform like this Video Chat feature or the Photo Gallery option are easy ways to win the hearts of the family members.

Is Video Chat easy to use?

Caregivers who have limited technology experience will find the Carevium application with its features like Video Chat to be intuitive and fun to use.  They will also see the excitement in the seniors’ faces when they can see their family members live on an Ipad or Android tablet monitor and to hear their voices.  The senior’s mood for that day or for the next few days will be greatly enhanced by their ability to Video Chat with their family members.

How can it increase Referrals?

Senior communities that keep their residents and their families happy by using intuitive, fun tools in the Carevium application like the Video Chat or Photo Gallery are likely to get more referrals.  Other health providers and referral sources will hear about the savvy ways that your community is using technology for helping residents and families communicate.  Families themselves also are likely to give their own referrals of other family members or friends.

Here is a brochure listing the features and benefits of Carevium Assisted Living software application.

Whether you are small residential care home or a large community with multiple locations, Carevium can support all your needs!

If you would like to see the Carevium application in action, please submit a demo request. We will setup a time and walk you through the system using an online session.