Assisted Living Software Features

Carevium Assisted Living Software is a tablet-based application suite designed for Senior Living communities such as Assisted Living Facilities, Residential Care Homes, Board and Care Homes, Adult Family Homes, and Adult Day Care Centers, residents / seniors, family members / caregivers and Home care professionals.

Carevium is easy to use by all staff members at senior housing facilities and residential care homes, including the resident Move-in Staff, Caregivers, Med Aides, Nursing Staff and facility Owner / Administrator / Executive director.

Carevium Senior Living App can be used by all types of Senior Living facilities providing elder care. Here are some of the key Carevium customer groups:

Assisted Living Communities and Memory Care Facilities

Residential Care Homes / Group Homes (RCFEs, AFHs, …)

Community Based Residential Facilities (CBRFs)

Independent Living Communities

CCRCs (Continuing Care Retirement Communities)

Adult Day Care / Foster Care Centers

Carevium Senior Living Application Features

This is the comprehensive list of features of senior care management app, and tasks that can be performed by assisted living communities using the Carevium Senior Living app. Click on the titles below to learn more about the respective feature.

Prospects and Referral Management

Carevium CRM module includes referral management and lead tracking feature to track and manage your prospects and referrals from various online and offline sources. Lead follow-up activities can be logged, tracked and managed using the inbuilt prospect management module.

Marketing Contacts Management and Activities Tracking

Carevium Senior Living CRM includes a free marketing contacts management and activities tracking feature. Marketers can plan, record, manage and track various marketing and community outreach activities using this function. A calendar view provides easy access to the marketing tasks. Pending tasks and past due activities can be alerted via reminders and notifications.

Resident Move-Ins

The comprehensive Move-in module keeps track of resident move-in activities, including assessments (ADL, Health, Fall risk, etc.), Contacts, Care levels and Service plan finalization.

Resident Assessments

With the comprehensive Assessment recording and tracking module, resident assessments can be chosen from a list of templates and customized for each facility / community, if required. ADL, Health and Fall risk assessments can be captured, maintained, and viewed online via the application without searching the document binders!

Care Plan Finalization

Service plans (care plan, care chart and pricing summaries) can be automatically created in Carevium in a few simple steps based on the resident assessments, care level, and resident/ family needs or preferences.

To Do Lists, Tasks and Notes

General staff tasks (unrelated to residents) such as housekeeping duties or payroll can be scheduled and assigned to staff.  Administrators and staff can also input ad-hoc notes for each other using the desktop or tablet based Carevium.

Vitals and Weight Tracking

Vital signs, blood sugar, and weight can be tracked periodically and charted for identifying patterns. Optionally, vital sign information and other health measures can be collected from home based sensors / monitors / devices automatically. Carevium includes integration with health tracking devices from multiple vendors.

Incident Recording and Tracking Logs

The system helps to create incident logs in minutes, without writing or re-creating information in multiple forms. This helps avoid redundant manual work and enables staff to focus on resident care.

Resident Care Progress Notes

Resident progress notes can be recorded daily or on any schedule required by the seniors housing facility. LVNs or nursing staff can use this feature at point of care without duplicating documentation on paper and computer.

ADLs and Care Activities Tracking

All resident care activities can be scheduled, tracked and logged using the Carevium Care Chart care tracking module. Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and other activities of social, health, and administrative nature can be scheduled, tracked and managed. Carevium system will trigger reminder alerts and past due notifications as necessary.

Medication Charts and Reminders (eMAR)

This module is a boon to assisted living facility staff, especially those assisting with medications. The system will keep track of all medications, treatments, and supplements, and administration times in real time and alert the staff as necessary when medications are overdue. Medication management module includes refill reminders, refill requests, medication inventory maintenance, and medication order management. Carevium is integrated with leading pharmacy software systems to automate prescription orders and refills into the system. A pharmacist portal is also available.

Resident Appointments

Scheduling doctor, lab, salon, or any other appointments is a breeze with the Appointments feature.  Alert notifications can remind when there is an appointment coming up or late.

Physician, Therapist, and Lab Notes – This feature is essential for documenting and storing all physician, lab, or other health provider communications or orders.

Social Activities Calendar – All social and physical enrichment activities can be scheduled, maintained, and tracked by the activities and caregiving staff.

Resident Transfers, Move-outs – The system simplifies the resident move-out processes with billing summary and transfer packet creation.

Resident Census and Reports – The system provides resident census reports and other analytic reports in real-time with a single click. No need for manual updates. A resident register / roster can be viewed in real-time and printed in a couple of clicks. Resident roster includes comprehensive, real time information including current residents, service / care levels, fee details, etc. without any manual updates.

Billing, Accounts Receivables, and Electronic Check Processing

Carevium includes a comprehensive billing / invoicing module. A billing summary can also be created automatically by the system based on the service plan, care level, supplies and other billable items. The billing data can be exported to QuickBooks for integration with the accounting application.

Carevium also includes an optional, secure Electronic Check Processing (aka ACH – Automated Clearing House) module for capturing rent and service charge payments from residents’ bank accounts. With this option, entire accounts receivables operations management can be simplified and automated. Carevium can reduce significant amount of efforts in billing and administrative functions.

Additional Services / Expenses / Supplies Tracking and Billing

Many communities keep separate records of supplies, additional / optional services, expenses, etc. and include in the resident invoice every month. Examples include Guest meals, Incontinence supplies, Move-in supplies, Additional transportation trips, Salon charges, etc.

Carevium includes a simple Services / Supplies / Expenses tracking module. These additional items are automatically posted to the respective residents’ invoices without additional data entry.

Real Time Reminder Alerts and Notifications

Carevium system provides comprehensive reminder alerts and notifications to the caregiving and nursing staff, supervisory and management staff, sales and marketing staff, and family members, as configured by administration. Alerts include reminders for lead follow-up activities, care activities, resident appointments, and medication reminders. Exceptions will also be notified by the system to the respective personnel. Alerts could be sent through email messages, SMS text messaging and system alerts.

Employee and Staff Management, Scheduling

Carevium assisted living software system includes a full-fledged employee / staff management component. Functions of staff management module include staff profile maintenance, application user maintenance, staff – resident assignment, staff scheduling templates and generation, staff re-assignment, staff training programs maintenance, and staff documents storage and management.

Maintenance Request / Work Order Management

Carevium software includes a comprehensive maintenance request / work order / service order management module for by Assisted Living Facilities and Independent Retirement Living Communities. Residents can log service requests and track the progress of the services.

Cloud based Document Management

Carevium elder care software includes a robust electronic Document Storage and Access management module to store and access documents related to (1) Residents, (2) Staff members, and (3) Facility administration. You don’t need to go back to resident folders and binders to fetch historical documents and information. Few clicks will do the magic!

Resident / Family Dashboard App

Residents and family members can access resident information in real-time using the family mobile app. Information access includes Medications (eMAR), Allergies, Vitals and Weight, Appointments, Social Activities, Billing and payments, and (optionally) resident picture gallery sharing / family video chat / secure private messaging.

The family app can be accessed via any iOS / Android based smart phone or tablet. For more information on the mobile app features for families, please visit our Access Anytime website.

Facility Administrator Dashboard

All statistics and activity transactions are summarized in easy to use fashion. Details can be drilled down to view the granular data. All reports and metrics are presented with graphical charts for easy understanding and quick grasp.

Administrators can also customize notifications and alerts as necessary. Executive directors and administrators can focus on people management and resident care rather than wasting time on paper work and searching for information!

Corporate and Multi-facility Dashboard

Senior facility owners with multiple homes and communities, and assisted living management / operations management companies can get centralized, consolidated views of multiple facilities with respect to every aspect of the management. Manual work can be significantly reduced by getting the real-time reports in a few clicks.

Minimal Learning Curve

Carevium Senior Living application does not require any special training. Using the software is very intuitive and self-explanatory. Of course, we will be there to guide your staff through the application whenever necessary. We use cutting edge technologies such as online seminars / webinars, video walk-throughs, and remote access to their screens, in addition to email-based support.

Mobile Centric Design

Cloud based Carevium Mobile AppsCarevium Senior Living apps can be used on Wi-fi enabled or carrier connected mobile tablets. A laptop or desktop computer is not required for day-to-day care-giver use and is optional.

The apps support various tablets such as iPad (from Apple), Android (from Google, HP, Samsung, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, etc.), and Kindle Fire HD (from Amazon).

Robust Data Security

The software is fully cloud based and hosted in secure, world class data centers with HIPAA compliant security. We use 256 bit data encryption based SSL (secured socket layer) security. This is similar to what banks and financial institutions use to protect their data.

Maintenance Free

There is no need for any upfront investment in hardware and virtually no maintenance, as we take care of the day-to-day cloud data backup and maintenance operations management.

Above all, we update the back-end software and mobile apps on a frequent basis based on industry best practices and other customer requirements and preferences. As a result your elder care community software will never be obsolete!