Carevium Vdeo Chat for Senior Living

Carevium Adds Video Chat Feature for Face to Face Conversation Between Seniors and Family Members

Carevium senior care management solution used by professional caregivers in Assisted Living facilities, Memory Care communities and Home Care agencies has added in-app Video Chat feature to enable face-to-face conversation between family members and their loved ones living in such senior living facilities or in their own homes with help from in-home care.

How Carevium Video Chat Works

Carevium Vdeo Chat for Senior LivingThe video chat feature is built into the Carevium application. No need for Microsoft Skype or Google Hangout. And no dedicated hardware either. Caregivers in the assisted living facilities or travelling to seniors’ homes can use Carevium Video Chat to connect with resident authorized family members.

Since the caregiver takes the responsibility of handling the technology, seniors need not be tech savvy!

Family member uses Access Anytime CareConnect component of the Carevium application.

Carevium video chat works on desktop / laptop PCs or Android based tablets and smart phones (such as those from Samsung, Google, Asus, Motorola, etc.).

Since the Carevium applications can be accessed only by authorized users, it is safe and secure. There is no third parties or systems involvement.

Why use Video Chat

Here are some familiar scenarios – as a family member – if you are taking care of your loved ones:

My mom has lived in an assisted living community for a month and is having a hard time making friends. My family and I live an hour away. We are going more often to visit, but what are some other ways we can make sure my mom can be happy and is enjoying herself?

Video Chat via Carevium helps you have a face to face conversation with seniors living assisted living centers or living alone in their own home (aka aging in place).

My mom lives in an Assisted Living Community with Alzheimer’s support care. She loves her grand kids. Though I visit her often, I do not want to take the kids often to the community. Any solution that can help me connect my kids with mom? 

Check with the facility if they use Carevium senior care management platform. Most facilities do not use any software tools. If they don’t use any tools, request them to take a look at Carevium – which can help your mom and grand kids have face-to-face video chat with the caregiver’s assistance.

My father has Alzheimer’s and lives in a facility that we are very happy with. He doesn’t know who I am any longer. I visit pretty often, but do you think he is getting anything out of my coming to see him?

While he may not know who you are, you need to have peace of mind by knowing how he is doing in the memory care community. Caregiver assisted video session will help you see him living in the Alzheimer’s facility and satisfy yourself that he is well taken care of.

My mom does not handle technology well and hence I cannot rely on Skype or Hangout for video conferencing? What is an alternative?

Whether your mom lives in an assisted living facility or a taking help from home care professionals, Carevium senior care management application can help you have a caregiver assisted video chat.


Senior housing communities or home care agencies used by your seniors should use Carevium application for care management.

Carevium face-to-face Video Chat is currently supported on all PCs (Windows), Apple Macs, and Android tablets and smart phones.

Carevium is a subscription based assisted living software platform for use by senior living and elder care communities such as Assisted Living Facilities, CCRCs, Alzheimer’s and Memory Care communities, Residential Care Homes (ex. RCFEs CBRFs, ALHs, etc.), and Home Care agencies providing in-home care to seniors.


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