The Monterey Trellis

The Monterey Trellis Assisted Living Chooses Carevium Software for Care Coordination and Administration

The Monterey Trellis Assisted Living Care and Retirement Community chooses Carevium Assisted Living Software application to manage and coordinate care giving operations and for facility administration. Spring Valley, California based Monterey Trellis is a state licensed RCFE (Retirement Community for the Elderly) with a capacity of 49 residents.

The Monterey Trellis

The Monterey Trellis will be using Carevium Billing and Accounts Receivables management module and integration with QuickBooks Online accounting system. Billing, Resident Payments and Receivables management will be made simple with the use of Carevium.

On the resident care front, Carevium will help caregivers and managers to manage Care plans / ADL charting, Medication management, Vital signs recording, Progress note taking, Resident appointments and contacts management.

With the deployment of Carevium, the community owners and administrative personnel can access data from anywhere on a 24×7 basis with comprehensive reporting and dashboard features.

Carevium implementation in senior retirement, assisted living and memory care communities helps increase resident and family satisfaction.

Carevium Senior Living Lead Management Funnel

Carevium CRM Referral Management Dashboard

Carevium CRM Referral Management Dashboard provides a high level summary of marketing attributes such as leads / referrals by sales stage, and conversion insights.

If your community is using Carevium CRM module, marketing dashboard is an invaluable tool for marketers as well as the management.

Carevium Senior Living CRM software

If you are a corporate / home office user, marketing and referral information summary related to multiple facilities can be viewed on the marketing dashboard.


Carevium Administrator Dashboard

Updated Dashboard on Residents and Billing Provides a Snapshot of Census, Billing, and Account Receivables

Carevium dashboard has been updated to include a high level snapshot of various important attributes for the management. Administrators and Executive Directors can take a quick look at the high level numbers such as resident census, billing, and account receivables.

While Carevium system provides detailed information on these topics through various transaction and reports pages, the dashboard serves as a consolidated / quick view.

Carevium Administrator Dashboard

Resident Census

For retirement, assisted living and memory care communities census is the most important parameter to be monitored by the management, as every single unit or bed remain unfilled is a drain on the profitability of the community. Carevium management dashboard provides summary of move-ins, move-outs / discharges, census as of date (total, private pay, Medicaid and occupancy percentage.

Billing and Account Receivables

The dashboard also includes high level summary of invoicing / billing, payments received, and account receivables under various payor types (private pay, Medicaid, and LTC). A graphic representation is also provided for quick grasp. By default, the dashboard shows the information for the current calendar month. The use can select any previous period and look up the information.

Administrative dashboard is accessible from the home page of the Carevium application. Whether you manage a residential care home or multiple large assisted living facilities, Carevium dashboard is a handy tool.


Caregiver on telephone

Assisted Living Administration and Management with Carevium

Carevium Elder Care software helps Assisted Living Administration and Management more efficient and productive. Assisted Living Administrators and Executive Directors (EDs) spend significant amount of time in dealing with reports and paperwork from families, residents and facility staff members.

Administrator / ED

Over 80% of assisted living facilities, memory care communities and residential care homes do not use much technology in operations and management. As a result, the Administrators and EDs end up spending lot of time on getting and preparing reports, and making phone calls for data collection from staff and external sources. The time spent on provisioning and monitoring resident care gets squeezed often times.

Carevium software can be leveraged to reduce the time spent on unproductive tasks. Here is a summary of information or decision points that can be made available to the Administrators or EDs within a few mouse clicks (or finger touches):


  • All reports will be available 24×7 online – no need to wait for staff members
  • Which residents are in the facility at any point in time?
  • Who have checked into the hospital / rehab facility?
  • What is the current census (up to the minute)?

Nursing / Care Management

  • Are there any delays in medication assistance / MAR charting?
  • What ADLs / care activities are pending?
  • Whose assessments are due for re-evaluation – this week / month?
  • Get MAR / Face sheet / Vital records, etc. instantly in case of an incident

Staff Management

  • How does the staff schedule look like?
  • Is there under / over allocation of staff?
  • What certifications / training programs are due for staff?

Billing / Business Office

  • No manual billing – complete in few minutes
  • Automatic Medicaid cliam computation
  • Automated late payment computation
  • What is the receivables situation? (Private pay / Medicaid)
  • Automate payment processing – no manual checks, no receipt entry
  • In case of checks, prepare Bank Deposit forms
  • Automatically post all transactions to QuickBooks

Marketing / Sales

  • What is the occupancy status?
  • What is the current referral pipeline?
  • What are the pending follow-up activities?
  • Who are the top referrers?
  • What are the non-performing referral sources?


  • 24 x 7 online reports, graphical representation
  • Census / Occupancy reports
  • Rent roll
  • Billing summary / analysis
  • Receivables status
  • All reports downloadable (Excel / PDF)

With easy to deploy and use Carevium seniors housing software, Assisted Living Administration and Management will be more efficient and less time consuming.

If you are an Assisted Living Administrator or Executive Director, take a look at what Carevium has to offer and how it can make your life easier!

Priority Life Care logo

Priority Life Care Partners With Carevium For Assisted Living and Memory Care Software

Priority Life Care partners with Carevium Assisted Living Software for its Referral Tracking and Care Management operations. Priority Life Care owns and manages multiple elder care communities providing comprehensive assisted living and memory care services to seniors.

Priority Life Care has senior care communities multiple states in US including Indiana, Wisconsin, Baltimore, Florida, Tennessee, and Connecticut. Personalized care planning and service delivery at affordable price are highlights of their supportive services.

As Carevium Assisted Living Software is easy to use and increases quality of resident care significantly, Prioirty Life Care preferred to partner with Carevium.

Priority Life Care

They will be using Carevium for Referral Tracking / Marketing, Resident Care Management and documentation, Medication Management (eMAR), Staff Scheduling, and Billing / Payment / Account Receivable modules to automate the entire management and care delivery operations. These modules will be implemented in a phased manner.

Priority Life Care staff will use Carevium as a point-of-care solution, as it empowers caregivers with all resident data and activity information at their fingertips. Enabling compassionate care to the seniors is the motto of Carevium.

Referral tracking enables the customer to keep track and manage all referrals with referral sources. The system provides comprehensive reporting at all levels.

Resident assessments will be carried out using Carevium Assessment module for capturing and maintaining all relevant information related to ADLs (activities of daily living), Social and behavioral status, Health history, Medications, Allergies, Diagnosis, etc.

Medication reminders / management, care charting, progress notes, vital signs recording, and resident appointments tracking modules will be handy day to day care management tools for caregivers. Medication management module (eMAR) will be interfaced with pharmacies to automate medication order entry.

Month-end billing, payment processing and accounts receivable management will take very little time with Carevium. Apart from significant efforts reductions, manual errors and inefficiencies in day to day documentation can be reduced considerably.


memory lane van buren AK

Memory Lane Picks Carevium Assisted Living Software

Van Buren, Arkansas based Memory Lane Alzheimer’s Care Community has chosen Carevium Assisted Living Software for managing business office and resident care activities. Memory Lane is as Arkansas State licensed Assisted Living Facility certified as an Alzheimer’s  Special Care unit. It operates three separate units with the capacity to serve 72 memory care residents.

Memory Lane accepts Private Pay, Long Term Care Insurance, VA Aid and Attendance, and qualified applicants for Medicaid Waiver program.

Memory Lane Van Buren AK

Memory Lane deployed Carevium application starting with resident records and business office use including features such as private pay billing, Medicaid waiver billing, payments, resident statements and accounts receivable.

Carevium Assisted Living Software was implemented and put to use in very short period of time as the system is easy to understand and use.