Artificial intelligence could improve how we age

Washington Post has an article on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) could improve how we age. While Japan and China have already started experimenting with robots for elder caregiving, it is time for US to start focusing on elders with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. As birth rates fall, the whole world, with the exception of Africa and parts of the Middle East, is getting older at an astounding rate.

Artificial Intelligence and Aging

Key areas where AI technology could be leveraged are:

(1) Self driving cars (aka autonomous vehicles)

(2) Caregiving robots

(3) Voice assistants

(4) Ride sharing services

(5) AI enabled software services

The implications of the rapid adoption of conversational interfaces — systems like Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Echo — are clearly a step along a path to a world in which speech will be one of the most common ways we interact with computers and web services. Indeed, for the aging, it is one of the most promising ways of extending independence.

Despite some progress, the impact of AI systems will depend on how we deploy them. It comes down to the question of whether or not we use this technology in humanizing ways. In 1962, computer pioneer Douglas Engelbart called this “augmenting human intellect.” In Engelbart’s world, the human is at the center of each technological system. It remains the best way to engineer the coming advances in AI.

Read the full article on Artificial Intelligence and Aging here on Washington Post.

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