Here are some Adult Day Care Service resources. These resources are applicable for both consumers (seniors, caregivers and family members) and adult day care service centers / providers.

What is Adult Day Care?

Adult Day Care is a service provided Adult Day Care centers for seniors who need help (for less than 24 hours a day). It is designed as a respite care program for family caregivers during the week days – so that they can attend to their work during the week without worrying about their loved ones left alone at their homes.

Generally Adult Day Care centers provide services for seniors and adults with mental and physical disabilities for 5 days a week, though some centers provide additional services during the evenings and weekends. Most centers provide or arrange transportation from and to the individuals’ homes. Lunch and snacks are generally included in the adult day care program.

Adult Day Services fall into two major categories, namely (1) Social Day Care, and (2) Adult Day Health Care.

As the names imply, Adult Social Day Care focuses more on the social and physical activities during the day and Adult Day Health Care provides health care / medical services including medication management, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, wound care, chronic disease care (such as diabetes, heart ailments, blood pressure, etc.).

Most Adult Day Care Centers provide Alzheimer’s support as well as many participants have cognitive impairments.

Adult Day Care Service centers are leaders in providing community-based care for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

Over 80% of the adults participating in these day care programs need assistance in 2 or more activities of daily living (ADLs).

ADCs are great sources of support and respite for family caregivers. Most adult day service centers provide support groups and educational programs for family members.

There are over 5000 Adult Day Centers located across US. These ADCs are controlled by the respective state health authorities and regulations.

MetLife National Study of Adult Day Services

This report was published by MetLife in 2013 based on a National Study of Adult Day Services – providing support to individuals and their family members. Though the reports is couple of years old, most concepts, numbers and conclusions hold good today. This report is a great resource for Adult Day Service participants (seniors, family members and caregivers) and Adult Day Care Service Centers (ADCs).

You can download the MetLife National Study of Adult Day Services from this link.

Genworth 2015 Cost of Long Term Care Survey Results

This report was published by Genworth based on a Cost of Long Term Care survey conducted in 2015. The survey compares cost of Home care, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing Homes, and Adult Day Health Care services in US.

You can download the Genworth Cost of Long Term Care 2015 Study report from this link.

Adult Day Care Costs and Payment Options

Adult day care service programs costs vary across the country. Average adult day care costs are around $65 per day. Most individuals attend from two to five days a week.

Many individuals pay for their social / non-medical adult day care services as the services are generally not covered by Medicare. But many states’ Medicaid programs do cover some adult day health / medical support programs. Long term care insurance programs may also cover some of the adult day care participation costs, if medical services are involved. Veterans Affair programs may also cover a portion of the adult day health care.

Adult day care program costs are generally lower when compared with home health care, assisted living care, or nursing home care.

Adult Day Care Benefits and Services

While adult day care can be a great resource for caregivers, many families fail to recognize the ADCs as an option for their loved ones who need assistance in ADLs and health services. Some worry that their loved ones may not like participating in such programs, while others feel guilty at the thought of leaving their loved ones in other peoples’ care. However, adult day care services can improve the care recipient’s overall health and provide the family caregiver with much-needed respite and relief from caregiving stress.

A care recipient can benefit from adult day care programs because:

  • It allows her to stay in the participant’s community while the caregiver goes to work
  • It gives her a break from the family caregiver
  • It provides needed social interaction with other individuals
  • It provides greater structure to the participant’s daily activities

Adult day care facilities can provide a variety of social and medical services and activities, including the following. These services vary from center to center.

  • Assistance with eating, taking medications, toileting, mobility
  • Counseling
  • Educational programs or mental stimulation
  • Exercise and physical activities
  • Health monitoring (e.g., vitals, food or liquid intake)
  • Podiatry care
  • Provision of lunch and snacks
  • Appointments handling
  • Social activities
  • Therapy (occupational, physical, speech, etc.)
  • Transportation services from and to the center

Social activities in adult day care centers can include:

  • Crafts
  • Cooking
  • Exercise
  • Field trips
  • Games
  • Gardening
  • Holiday parties
  • Music therapy
  • Relaxation activities

Managing Adult Day Care Centers

Operating and managing adult day care centers are regulated by the state authorities. Hence a lot of paper work and documentation is involved in establishing and managing the operations of adult day care centers.

If the adult day services are reimbursed (partially or fully) by Medicaid, VA, LTC Insurance, etc., proper documentation is essential to avoid issues with claims.

An easy to use software such as Carevium Adult Day Care Software will bring significant benefits to the owner, center director as well as the employees.

Adult Day Care Software streamlines the workflow of the ADC operations, digitizes most of the day to day documentation, and makes information available 24 x 7 to the staff and management.

Key features included in the ADC management software are: Participant information, Admissions / In-take, Scheduling, Attendance recording (with Pickup, Dropoff, Lunch, Bath services), Daily sheets and reports, Billing / Invoicing, Accounts Receivable, Transportation management, Reporting and analytics, Vital signs monitoring, Medication management and reminders, etc.

Carevium Adult Day Care Software

If you are interested in learning more about the cloud based, easy to use, Carevium ADC software, please contact us for a discussion and demo. Whether you are single location adult day care center with 25 participants a day or operate dozens of ADCs across the country with thousands of participants in adult day health care, Carevium software can meet your requirements. It is a highly scalable, HIPAA compliant web based software. It can be used on PC laptops, Macs, Android tablets, and Apple iPads. The companion app can be used by the managers for viewing reports and drivers for transportation log management.

Carevium is easy to use and involves minimal learning for your staff members. The system can be accessed from anywhere on the internet. It can be deployed quickly unlike legacy software systems. Carevium gets enhanced and improved on a regular basis as we learn from our customers.

Adult Day Care Centers Directory

The following link has a list of adult day care and adult day health care centers in US.

Adult Day Care Centers Directory

Carevium is neither associated with nor represent any of the adult day service centers listed on this link. The list may not be complete, comprehensive or up-to-date! This resource is provided as an useful tool for family caregivers. Please do your homework before deciding a service provider and admitting your loved ones!