Adult Day Care Management Software

Adult Day Care Centers providing social (non-medical) day care and day health care for adults can keep track of their client / patient information, client schedules, client check-in and check-out (eAttendance), transportation and meal services, staff schedules, care activities, vital signs and medication monitoring using the cloud based Carevium Adult Day Care Management and Scheduling Application. The information is no more confined to the office computer; as an owner / administrator / manager, you are not tied to your desk.

Carevium Adult Day Care Software Overview

Adult Day Care Service Management Software application is useful for:

  • Adult Day Care Center Managers and Administrators
  • Medication Management professionals
  • Nursing staff, Activities Staff, Transportation Staff
  • Accounting, Admin staff at the adult day care service center
  • Corporate Staff at home office / headquarters
  • Adult Day Care Clients (optional)


Carevium cloud based adult day care management app is a great time saver and cost saver for adult day care service providers. The CNAs, activity / recreation staff, and nursing staff can have their schedules on their smart tablets and reduce document management time, filing manual reports and updates!

          • Increase client satisfaction
          • Increase family satisfaction
          • Improve efficiency and cost savings
          • Access application from anywhere using mobile tablets
          • No learning curve to use the apps; Easy to use
          • Live, 24 x7 reports for staff and management

All information regarding the care activities and customer information is literally in your finger tips! Carevium Adult Day Care Tracking and Schedule Management App works on Apple Mac, Windows PCs, and mobile tablets such as Android tablets and iPads!

Features of Carevium Adult Day Care Management Software

Here is select list of Adult Day Care Program management features of Carevium Care Management platform:

          • Clients Register and detailed profiles
          • Client Needs Assessment
          • Adult Care Client Scheduling
          • Transportation and Meal services scheduling
        • Client Check-in and Check-out (Attendance Tracking)
        • Vital signs recording
        • Medication assistance
          • Care notes logging and Work Approvals
          • Billing and Accounts Receivable
          • eChecks Processing via ACH
          • Billing Reports and data export
          • Comprehensive real time reports (clients census, attendance, billing, etc.)
          • CRM / Lead Management for managing referrals and follow-up prospects
          • Contacts Management and marketing activities tracking
          • Access Anytime mobile app for Clients / Family members (optional)
          • Alerts and notifications

If your center staff use mobile tablets then significant amount of manual paperwork can be avoided.

Are you interested in taking a look at what Carevium has to offer for your Adult Day Care Service business?

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